About welikeroywelikeroy

My name is Jeremy Homer. I’m a 28 year old
college/university graduate from Canada. I have diploma in
Public Relations and a honours degree in Political Science
… still looking for non-temporary employment. My
grandfather was once in the Tigers organization and my
great-grandfather apparently played for the White Sox, but
I’m still checking that out. Baseball is a very big part of
my life. I’m a huge fan of the Blue Jays, but I keep up
pretty well with every MLB team. You will also see some
derivative photoshop artwork on blog, as I know a little
about graphic design. This blog changes all the time. At
first I wanted to write about food and history; however, I do
very little of that throughout the season. I’d characterize
this blog by saying it is based on random weekly/bi-weekly
thoughts and analysis by a Jays fan.