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Beers for Bautista

Toronto Blue Jays right-fielder/third baseman, Jose Bautista, signed a multi-year contract extention with the Blue Jays for 65 million guarenteed over five years.  The club will also have a 14 million dollar option for a sixth year if they choose.

Bautista had a breakout year last season leading MLB in homeruns and becoming one of the most feared hitters in the game.  He showed outstanding improvements in pitch recognition and bat speed, in my opinion.  He’d always shown a good ability to turn on a fastball, now he is great in that respect.  Currently, there are no indications that another 50 homerun season for Bautista is out of the question, but that is a debateable point.  I, for one, am very impressed with his approach at the plate, however, I do realize that 54 homeruns is difficult thing to replicate in MLB.    

I can see how offering this contract to Bautista was an especially tough decision.  Its hard to evaluate a player after only one year.  Regardless, the Jays locked him up and now it is time for celebration.  I cracked a Brahma for Bautista, which is a great Brazilian beer, but I’ve been told that the beer of choice in the Dominican is called Presidente.   

Anyway, Cheers!  Salute!  More ballgames beers and Bautista bombs are in my future.  Me happy.


He Called His Shot

If someone could pull off a ‘called shot’ in today’s game, I’d love to see it.  What do you think?  ‘Ruth‘s legendary ‘called shot’ is my favorite legend from baseball folklore.  Though, I’m having a hard time thinking of a player that could actually pull it off in recent history? I don’t know?
Bautista?  He has that intimidating presence?  
In 1932, the Yankees were met by the Cubs in a competitive and heated World Series matchup. The Cubs had just fired Yankee manager Joe McCarthy two years prior.  And the Cub organization was altogether given a bad wrap from the players as being a bunch of cheapskates.  Not giving out bonuses and finding technicalities in player contracts, and such.  
Ruth’s call came in the 5th inning of Game 3 in a 4-4 tie at Wrigley Field. The crowd was raucous, throwing lemons at Ruth throughout the game. A clear waste of fine produce, if you ask me? Really?  Who throws lemons?  They had it rough back then. 

After a ball and a strike that ‘legend says’ Ruth took grinning … he made the call. Old footage of the moment shows that Ruth doesn’t emphatically point as much as the story commonly portrays. It’s somewhat of a little wave towards the vicinity of center field. Somewhat shy, and innocent if you look close.  A few pitches later Ruth hit a low offspeed pitch to center field that is still considered the longest homerun ever hit in Wrigley Field.
Such a moment deserves to be immortalized.