Tigers and Tiger-Cats

Detroit Tigers this Thursday, Hamilton Tiger-Cats next Thursday

This past Thursday I got to watch a Canadian Football League (CFL) classic rivalry game, between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Toronto Argonauts.  Living 45 minutes down the QEW from Toronto in Hamilton, Ontario, I’ve come to cherish this match-up.  There is a bitter hatred for the Toronto Argonauts in Hamilton, that is not unlike the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry in the baseball.  Fans cursing players on the sidelines, objects occasionally being thrown and the shear joy that comes over you when you see your team winning against that particular opposing team that just makes you quiver. 

I don’t share in the contempt, by some residents of the City of Hamilton, against the City of Toronto but I do enjoy watching Ti-Cats football, and the CFL is great game to watch.  It is totally different from NFL football.  3 downs, no set positions at reciever, single points, defensive players line up 1 yard from the ball and 12 players on the field.      

ComericaPark.jpgAnother team that I enjoy watching is the Detroit Tigers.  This Thursday, I will be attending the afternoon battle between the Jays and the Tigers at Comerica Park.  Being situated in Hamilton, under 3 hours away from Detroit, I’ve taken in a number Tigers games (even tried to get World Series tickets once).  One of the greatest games that I ever saw was at old Tiger Stadium where then Tiger catcher Mickey Tettleton hit an extra inning homerun against the Mariners.

Being pretty close to both Toronto and Detroit, I often wondered what a Tiger/Blue Jay rivalry would be like.  The teams were mini-rivals in the mid 80’s when they were both having success in the old AL East.  Although, with the forming of the new American League divisions, that rivalry was never able to gain any steam. 

Anyway, I still have fond memories of both teams.  Usually, if the Jays are not in contention then I turn to the Tigers.  If they are both struggling, as is the case right now, I follow the Blue Jays more than any team and just try to make the best of it.  Like Terrace seats, large Daiquri’s and Nachos at Comerica Park, OH YA.  Pictures in next weeks entry!  Can’t wait for the Nachos.               


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