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How Frustrating the Jays are!!!

I swear that the Toronto Blue Jays, over the past 6 seasons, have been by far the most frustrating team in all of baseball. 

Getting excited over a 3 sweep of the Boston Red Sox was meaningless.  The Jays had, of coarse, to give those 3 games back to the loss column after being swept at home by the lowly (practically) Triple A Oakland Athletics.

For the past 3 seasons, the Jays have owned the Red Sox and done very well against some of the traditionally tougher teams (i.e. Anaheim, Boston, the Yankees so,so).  Where we really have had problems is beating teams like Texas, Oakland and Tampa Bay. 

The Jays are a good team and I know deep in my heart that we have a lot of talent.  We have had a good team for a while now.  We just cannot compete because there is not a consistant effort to win every game.  Its not about winning 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 even.  The Jays, last season, never had a winning streak longer than 6 games, or something like that.  Winning teams just don’t do that.  

I know that it is a long season and a lot can happen, teams do need to take losses as they come, however I believe the Jays are doing way too much of that.  Its time bear down and start winning, like the New England Patriots of last year (with the exception of the Super Bowl).  For the Jays at this point, I don’t really care about how they do in the playoffs.  All I care about is making the playoffs.  Something I have not seen since I was friggin 12 years old.  I’ve wasted the better part of my youth and now my early adulthood waiting for a playoff appearance, and I can’t wait no more.  The Jays have to start winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!  Im really screaming inside.  What makes things worst, is that we can’t put away teams that we really should be hammering. 

Food of the Week:  On a lighter note, I ate an enormous hamburger on the weekend.  The bacon cheeseburger and ‘small’ fries combo at the Admiral Burger in downtown Brantford, Ontario (home of Canadian treasure Wayne Gretzky).  They give you a thick 3 patty burger, that you can hardly fit in your hands, load it with 3 pieces of peameal bacon and deck it will all the toppings you want.  Really an enormous, mouth watering burger and fries that fit into a small box.  When I say small box, I mean a small box that you get at Costco.  It is comical watch someone try and eat the entire burger and fries.  Wagers are made and they don’t finish the whole thing.  The Admiral Burger in Brantford is a small town treasure and I would recommend it to anyone not afraid of the colesteral.