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Baseball Bizarre

Did this really happen???  You have just entered the ‘twilight zone!’  Do, do, do, do ….. do, do, do, do!


If believe dreams can come true, then it did happen!!!  Ha, ha!  You can’t make out those players in the background at all!  Ha, ha!  Yep, they are all Blue Jays. uh huh … totally for sure!  

It happened in another parraell universe where the Jays didn’t go on a 9-game losing streak in late-May???  Instead, it was a nine game winning streak, and the Jays rode that momentum to the promise land baby!

What else happened in the parallel universe?

Bizarro1 copy.jpg

Ahhh!!  Yankee/Red Sox fans!  I just blew ya freakin mind didn’t I?  Being a Jays fan I can get away with this.  We are of a different breed.  I’m your worst nightmare!  What kind of universe would let this happen?  Could this happen?  I’m still bitter over the Halladay trade.  That is what inspired this piece.

Now get ready to enter the crazy nickname zone!  Do, do, do, do …. do, do, do, do!


One of my favorite Blue Jays right now is Adam Lind.  He had a mammoth year at the plate last season hitting .305 with 35 HR’s, 46 doubles and 114 RBI’s.  I love Lindor Chocolate made by Lindt … absolutely delicious!  Naturally, Adam Lind was bestowed this nickname by me.  Lindor Chocolate!  Which may, or may not, be catergorized as a performance enhancing drug?


Here is one that I didn’t even make up.  It was a shame to hear that Jays middle-reliever, Dirk Hayhurst, will be out most of the season with right shoulder surgery – or as he puts it, ‘Ninjas attacking his shoulder.’  I have his Twitter, and the guy is hilarious!  His book,  “The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran,” is scheduled to be released on March 30.  He has an excellent imagination, especially the infamous bullpen ledgend of ‘The Garfoose.’   Hilarious story!  A very interesting ballplayer, and I am waiting for his book.

You copy.jpg

I didn’t make this one up either, but I always thought it was cool!  While Kevin Youkilus was thriving in the minors, Oakland GM Billy Beane had his sights set on acquiring him.  Like no other, Youkilus fits the ‘Moneyball’ ideal of production, working long at-bats and maintaining a high .OBP (on base percentage).  They called him ‘Youcules the Greek God of Walks’ for this reason, and salavated over him for good reason.  Youkilus is a slightly under-rated ‘grinder’ in my opinion, and a huge asset to the Red Sox!

Hideki-Matsui-001 copy.jpg 

Everyone knows how much I love Japanese food, that is how this name evolved.  And, it is fun to say!  Try it … quite fun!  I’ve always respected Matsui as a player.  I think that he will missed by the Yankees next year.  Matsui had a way of grinding out at-bats, and annoying opposing pitchers that tried to cope with the relief of not facing AROD, Giambi (in his prime) or Teixera.

Abreu copy.jpg  

Now, this might be the worst one of the nicknames.  I call Bobby Abreu, ‘Booby Abooba,’ just because it is fun to say.  The guy has abnormally large pectoral muscles.  I can’t help that.  God, this blog has just reached a new all-time low!  Sorry Bobby Abreu.  You are a very good player, and a key contributor to my keeper ‘fantasy baseball team.’  I’m just a weirdo!

Johnny Mac.jpg   
As we get ready for Spring, I will end with one of my personal favorite Blue Jays.  John MacDonald is an absolute delight to have on the Jays.  He is always interacting with fans before the game, he does anything the club tells him to do in a utility role and although he is small, the guy gives 100% every time he is called upon.  Mothers, like mine, all across Canada love this guy and can’t wait for him get on the field.  You can tell he has a genuine love for the game, even though he has never been in primary role.

In essence, he is the ‘Tiny Tim’ of the low-market Blue Jays club.  Would John MacDonald ever have any place on the Yankees or Red Sox?  No way.  He’d be weeded out by ‘big names,’ ‘big talent’ and ‘big money!’  However, it is guys like him that represent ‘the good of the game’ and keep me watching!

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t freak anyone out too much.