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March 7th: What a Game!!!

I’m just back from the WBC game where Team Canada lost to the United States 6-5 in a nail-biter that came down to the last two batters.  Those batters, most disappointingly, were arguably the best hitters on the team, Justin Morneau and Jason Bay, and they could not come through with the big hit when Canada needed!

Regardless, it was an amazing game to be at, the Rogers Centre was electric being filled almost to capacity and there were many Canadian players that shined in key moments!  The Toronto native, Joey Votto, crushed the ball for Team Canada going 4-for-5 with two RBIs before a lively crowd of 42,314. 

One of the highlights for Team Canada, at least one that stood out for me, was young Seattle Mariner prospect Phillipe Aumont.  Aumont worked a valiant inning where he saw himself in a bases loaded jam, and managed to get out it – striking out two.  I started to feel really bad for the young guy when he got in the jam.  Amazingly, he came back and got out some of the best hitters in baseball.  This was certainly an extreme positive for Aumont.  It will do great things for his pitching confidence going forward.  For that reason, the Mariners should be glad that their young pitcher is taking part in the WBC – except he is limited to pitching only one inning for Team Canada as a mandate from the Mariners organization.  Don’t they want him to be gaining that kind of experience???  They should be.  I don’t get owners sometimes.,  

Great game!  Awesome atomosphere!  I haven’t seen the dome like that ever I think!  As promised, here are some pictures from my adventure.



An outstanding showing of people for the game!!  The upper deck is hardly ever filled like that! 


Team Canada ledgend and one of the greatest names in baseball, Stubby Clapp, is represented in this sign by some guys sitting near me.  He actually never got into game, so they must have been disappointed. 


Here I am with my cool WBC program.  See my Canadian pride – even my eyes are red.  They also handed out some pretty sweet Topps baseball cards after the game.  I’m thinking they need to be Photoshoped, just like my eyes in this pic!!