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2008 ‘We’re Talkin’ Season Design Gallery

Recaping the season that past on my blog, here is the design gallery that I posted in the previous year.  As the 2009 season approaches, hopefully some design ideas will approach as well.  Hope you enjoy the gallery.  I will start with my favorite piece of 2008. 


Mechanics in Motion


thedoc copy.jpg




A Rough MLB Morning

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Carmona copy.jpg 

I started my Halladay by heading straight to the Escobar to get a Carmona.  The Kapler was not a twist HoffmanEthier I use my teeth, or the Leiter in my back pocket.

One Carmona, two Carmona, three Carmona four.  Youkilus, Youkilus!  I Doumit on the floor.  No Mora!  No Mora!   Soon, I was Gagne all night.  I woke up on Huston, Street in Rios de Janernos.  Hunter Byrds were circling my body.  Ahh, Inge!!!  How did I get that Saltalamacchia’d off only four Carmonas?  What a J.J. Putz, I am!


Tribute To Blue Jay Dominicana

Thumbnail image for Dominica.jpg


That Bird Could Catch


Brought His Playoff Timber to Philly


lumberjack copy.jpg


That Gold Moment


carter2 copy.jpg


Billboard Ad Supposing My Dream of the Jays Making the Playoffs Again




Have You Seen the Ghost of Scutaro


Thumbnail image for Scutaro copy.jpg


Don’t Remember Me


bartman_533 copy.jpg


King Kelly Did This In a Game




He Has That Effect on People


Cito copy.jpg


The Blue Jay Warriors of Lake Ontario


BlueJayML copy.jpgThe


The Fire … The Peach


Thumbnail image for Cobb copy.jpg


My Blue Jay Cards


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for BlueJaycards copy.jpgMy


My Blue Jay Cards Gone Crazy


Thumbnail image for BlueJaycards copy2.jpg


The A.L. East 2008




We’re Talkin My Blog Ad

WereTalkin copy.jpg

As I continue grow with my designs, these should get better.  I’ve learn a lot over this past year.  It has been a great year, and now I’m ready for a new one!  Thank you everyone for the support.  Bring on April!  Go Jays!  Had to get that in there. 





Post Season Memories ‘From the Past’

I thought that with my limited time off work and school, I would try to create designs that reflected past baseball memories. 

I want to start with the infamous Steve Bartman incident that occurred October 14th, 2003 in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS against the Florida Marlins at Wrigley Field.  My older brother(a converted Cubs fan that can’t take the pain of following the Jays over the past 15 years) recently named his dog Wrigley after the field.  A pretty good name for a dog; however, what the dog doesn’t know is the history of bad luck attached to his name.  Poor dog.    

Here is my brief synopsis of the incident.  Bartman interfered with Moises Alou, as he ranged to catch an easy flyball near the left field wall in foul territory.  I was watching that game, and ‘boy oh boy’, did everything go wrong for the Cubs after that.  The atmosphere of the whole stadium, and the feeling I got from watching it at home, was completely negative.  You just knew the Cubs were going to blow it, and they did.  They were 5 outs away from getting to the World Series.  Up 3-2 in the series, and winning Game 6 3-0.  Because of Bartman’s interferance, the Cubs let the Marlins have a 8 run rally in the 8th inning to win the game 8-3, and eventually the series. 

After that moment, Alou was noticably upset, the team was demoralized and Bartman was wondering how he was going to get home.  Security and protection was offered to Bartman as he was escorted out the stadium, and soon after in the not-so-comfort of his own home.  Jeb Bush, the Govenor of Florida, would later offer Bartman asylum in Florida.  Although many of the players deny the significance of the Bartman incident, it is hard to believe them being a spectator of the game or watching on TV.  The fans are the lifeblood on what home teams fuel on.  Bartman, a huge so-called Cubs fan at the time, let them down in a way that was embarrassing and outright dispicable.  They paid for it.    

bartman_533 copy.jpg