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Such a Warm Thought that I Forget to Feel Cold

For baseball fans in Canada this is a time where we look see the bittersweet dichotomy of two worlds.  The newspapers show the 2011 Blue Jay faces basking in the sun and gearing up to play ball, while fans sit and look onto the cold Canadian months of February and March (not discounting the odd April week).  Florida, and its beautiful Grapefruit League, allows my mind to drift unto delight and bliss as I am met with -18 degree Celsius temperatures (factoring in the wind chill).  Such a warm thought that I forget to feel cold.  We are so close to baseball, only a little more than a month away from the season, yet so, so far away here in the north. 


Okay, I maybe embelished the latter photo a little, but you can see what I mean.  Thank you to new MLB.com Blue Jay beat writer Gregor Chisholm for the spring training photo.

To think that they are actually playing baseball somewhere is a magical and mysterious presumtion.  Spring training baseball is like a fairy tale.  It makes me smiles whenever I hear tales of games being played down there.  Making it even more surreal, is the difficulty for me to find it on cable television.  Kristen over at This is a Very Simple Game … in the comment section of this blog articulated the fairy tale of Spring Training in a way that could not, so I will end with her words, tap my shoes together and hope that the dream comes true.  

Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues (are) rather like
children reading a fairy tale: The hitters wielded their mighty bats.
The pitchers tamed the wild change-ups and bent them to their will. The
outfielders set off in search of the golden gloves. The whole team
drank in the magic sunshine all day so they would remain strong and
healthy. And all of the fans lived happily, ever after: play ball!