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The Need For Speed


The departure of Vernon Wells to the Angels, for Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera, has ushered in a new era for the Blue Jays.  Vernon, along with Roy Halladay, were the face of the Blue Jay franchise for more than a decade, and now they are both gone.  It is saddening to an extent, but exciting to another.  Now, the team looks to move forward in an unfamilar direction.  Previous acquisitions of Rajai Davis, young minor-leaguers CF Anthony Gose, 3B/2B Brett Lawrie and to a lesser extent Corey Patterson show that the Jays are looking to burn teams on the basepaths in the near future. 

The speed element has been lacking from the Jays in recent years.  I am not saying we didn’t have any speed.  Wells, Rios and a few others were moderately good basestealers.  The Jays have just never had an explosive basestealer, and many believe that Rajai Davis can provide that function.

Alex Anthopolous is making the team faster, and changing the team faster than we could have ever imagined.  It is an exciting time in Blue Jay land, it needed to be done and I hope it can work.  I have good feeling about it.