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Its an all A.L. East Party

Too bad nobody invited the Blue Jays.  This outcome is not suprising to me, watching both the Rays and the Red Sox play against the Blue Jays this season.  I absolutely knew that the White Sox were not going to go far in the playoffs, (they were definately one of the weaker clubs in the race) and I thought that the Angels had a chance, but would be in tough against the Red Sox.  If the Rays can win this series against the Red Sox I would be very suprised, but that is what the Rays have done all season long.  So the question is:

How many suprises do the Rays have left in them? 

They’ve got this far.  They won the A.L. East, they made it to the ALCS, and they earned the respect of every team in the league.  They now face a Red Sox team that is looking very dangerous with a healthy hitting David Ortiz, a deadly Jon Lester and a TWO inning shutdown closer Jonathan Papelbon.  From the start of the season, I said the Red Sox were going to dominate and win the World Series.  Want proof?


What I didn’t expect was a suprise.  Surprise!!  Here came Tampa Bay with their speed game

Thumbnail image for Raysparty.jpg(i.e. Iwamura, Upton, Crawford), their new found dangers at the plate (i.e. Longoria, Pena) and a strong bullpen (i.e. Balfour, Percival).  Hard throwing, dominant pitchers in the pen are valuable in the playoffs.  Both these teams have that, and they are both playing very good baseball coming into this series.

Are the Red Sox in for another ‘surprise party’ by Tampa?  Or has the American League been the Red Sox house party for past 3 of 4 seasons?

No matter what the outcome, the Red Sox and Rays both getting into the ALCS prove that the A.L. East was an extremely stong division this season.  Either the Jays, or Yankees could easily have been in playoffs.