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He Called His Shot

If someone could pull off a ‘called shot’ in today’s game, I’d love to see it.  What do you think?  ‘Ruth‘s legendary ‘called shot’ is my favorite legend from baseball folklore.  Though, I’m having a hard time thinking of a player that could actually pull it off in recent history? I don’t know?
Bautista?  He has that intimidating presence?  
In 1932, the Yankees were met by the Cubs in a competitive and heated World Series matchup. The Cubs had just fired Yankee manager Joe McCarthy two years prior.  And the Cub organization was altogether given a bad wrap from the players as being a bunch of cheapskates.  Not giving out bonuses and finding technicalities in player contracts, and such.  
Ruth’s call came in the 5th inning of Game 3 in a 4-4 tie at Wrigley Field. The crowd was raucous, throwing lemons at Ruth throughout the game. A clear waste of fine produce, if you ask me? Really?  Who throws lemons?  They had it rough back then. 

After a ball and a strike that ‘legend says’ Ruth took grinning … he made the call. Old footage of the moment shows that Ruth doesn’t emphatically point as much as the story commonly portrays. It’s somewhat of a little wave towards the vicinity of center field. Somewhat shy, and innocent if you look close.  A few pitches later Ruth hit a low offspeed pitch to center field that is still considered the longest homerun ever hit in Wrigley Field.
Such a moment deserves to be immortalized.