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Some BIG TIME Eatin!! Some BIG TIME coachin!!

Someone came on the blog other day and asked where a good restaurant was in Toronto.  I told him the ‘Pickle Barrel’ chain on Yonge and Dundas was very good, and it is, but I’m actually from the Hamilton, Ontario area, so I couldn’t fully comment on his question.  I know the ‘Old Spaghetti Factory,‘ on 54 Espanlade Ave. (near the Air Canada Centre) is a classic place for people visiting Toronto to eat, but I wasn’t really that satisfied there.  It was a very nice place, but probably because I’m a little more into other dishes than pasta, is the reason why I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Today!  To my absolute delight, I did some ‘Big Time Eatin’ in downtown Hamilton at The Harbour Diner, located on 486 James Street North.  Imagine, Pulled Pork Poutine people!  The 3 P’s are magnificent together, and make for an extremely good appetizer (poutine
wings.jpgis a great Canadian delight for those from the U.S. but adding pulled pork to it is unusual; however, it makes the poutine even better).  The menu is very creative, the Chef must be a ‘think out of the box’ guy  It includes dishes like Turkey Wings (chicken wings, but with a Turkey interesting and good), “The Manhattan” sandwich, and Super Nachos with creative toppings.  I have to go check out the place a bit more, but the food is extremely good!  So if ever you are passing through Hamilton, Ontario on the 403, heading for the QEW to check out the Jays, this place has some ‘BIG TIME’ Eatin!!!  Also notable, the prices are great, you will be satisfied with the bill, no doubt. 

Joe Maddon and Lou Pinella were named coaches of the year today, and there is no doubt that MLB got it right naming these two guys with that award.  To do what he did with a very young team is remarkable. He is a coach that is the true definition of leadership. He turned a group of unproven men, into A.L. East Champions (which is amazing considering no one other than the top two have owned that division for 13 years) and American League Champions (even more amazing!). I’m starting to understand 9=8 and it is a great concept to teach young players trying to fit into the team concept.  Tampa was 3rd in MLB in fielding percentage, third in team ERA, 13th in runs and ninth in OBP.  These statistics are the markings of a team with very good unity.  Can’t say enough about what Maddon did with the Rays.  They found ways to win ballgames with speed and crafty coaching, at times.  Check some of the games Roy Halladay pitched against them, if you don’t believe me.



Another guy who get a lot out of his players is Lou Pinella.  He won’t stand for it any other way!  Great season for the Cubs, tough playoffs, but they caught a hot Dodger team.  


The Cinderella Story Continues

I’m very suprised that Tampa was able to take that series last night.  They’ve been doing it all year without age and experience, so why not put in a young guy that hadn’t got a win, or a
cinderella009.jpgsave, in his whole career, in the most crucial situation in team history.  It was a gutzy move by Joe Maddon to use David Price to close the game, it was a gutzy move to trade Delmon Young, and guess what?  The Rays came out looking golden and glooorious for it!!

I know that the Red Sox had the magic or ‘reversing their curse’ behind them.  The Rays must have the Disney Magic behind them (they played three games in Orlando this season versus the Jays at Disney’s WideWorld of Sports, Jays got swept by Tampa). 

Also, David Price might as well be Vincent Price because that guy scares me.  He looks pretty good!