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“We are Fighters” 6-5 Extra Inning loss versus the Sox

If there is one thing that you can say about the Jays over the past 4 years, is they are fighters.  You pretty much have to be, to maintain a .500 record in a division where two teams usually dominate.  Every year it seems like we play such heated battles with the Yankees or Red Sox, and every year we pretty much break even in these matchups, playing absolutely outstanding and exciting baseball.  The games show that we deserve to be in their company, they show we can play with the best, and not only that, we can beat the best. 

The Jays always put up a fight no matter how far back we are, and no question, the Yankees and Red Sox fear us.  For many reasons, the Jays haven’t been able to put together the kind of seasons ‘The Big Two’ have had over the past years, but we definately ‘bring it’ everytime we face them.  That shows that we have some pretty good things going on in Toronto, the pieces might not all be there, but there are a number of very solid pieces on this team (e.g. Halladay, Downs, Rios, Wells, McDonald) and the other regulars.

This past Sunday was an amazing pitchers duel between A.J. Burnett and Dice-K.  Burnett made his mistakes, but so Dice-K.  The bullpens fought ‘tooth and nail’, but the Red Sox ended up winning on two solo homeruns in the late innings.  One by Coco Crisp in the 8th and the other by Jed Lowrie, in extra innings clinched it for the Wild Card leaders.  Those guys are not likely homerun candidates but they came up HUGE for Boston that day. 

Seems like every year the Jays play well, but just not well enough to surpass these teams.  The Yankees and Red Sox are behind the door (metaphorically speaking) and they keep on slamming it on us.  That is our story (captured in this design, below).  Although this season, Tampa took a bat and smashed the door in.  And ‘good on them’ I say, GOOD ON THEM.  Would have liked it to be the Jays, but somebody had to do it.