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Looook into my Crystal Ball! Is that a Ketchup Stain?

On top of reciting everything I read, like Ron Burgandy, I’m also very good at not predicting a truthful outcome.  So here goes some of my free agent predictions.  Try to think the exact opposite of everything I pick, in order to get a good hint into what really might happen!

I thought a prerequsite for looking into a crystal ball is that you have to be able to see?  Or maybe not.  Being less drunk might also not help, hmmm yes. 

The Not Stove League

A.J. Burnett – I see that you will sign a deal worth about 18 million with the Boston Red Sox.  The Blue Jays cannot afford that, and the Yankees will get cold feet because of your injury status.  The Red Sox are gamblers, and they have the money.

Pat Burrell – A lot talk about you right now, lets see.  I see you going to a small market franchise and being signed for less than what you are actually worth.  This will occur at the end of free agency.  Foggy but the team could be the Marlins, or Tampa Bay.

Mark Teixeria – You are catching interest from the Nationals, but I still think that you will be in New York.  As I’ve said all along.  You are a good fit there.  This probably hurts their chances.  I’m not even going to mention CC, because I know he is going there and I don’t want to jinks my chances of getting everything wrong! 

Manny Ramirez – You are definately going to a large market.  The L.A. Angels look the one maybe, like they need any more outfielders, but I see it for L.A.  Oh no, that could be the Dodgers!

Derek Lowe – Who will be wise enough to get Lowe?  I see a large market team, because he will command a fair chunk of change.  I don’t know, I think he is back with the Dodgers, there is no way they can lose so much of what helped them succeed last season.

Orlando Hudson – Loved this guy in Toronto and I’m glad that he is getting serious consideration. Kelly Johnson is being shopped by the Braves.  Hudson is a southern boy, so I’m saying he ends up with the Braves if he doesn’t cost them ‘an arm and a leg’, ha ha!  Cliche.  Man, that might be the most annoying thing I’ve ever written, I apoligize.

Rafeal Furcal – I don’t think the Blue Jays really want to pay for him.  I understand shortstop is a need, but we have the defense in Johnny Mac.  He probably will be too much for the Jays to sign anyway.  I’m all for getting him if the price is right, but I would rather the Jays look for power hitting, or pitching.  Furcal goes to the Giants, they are liking him right now.  By the way, always respected the cannon Furcal has at short.  

Ben Sheets – If the Mets are not able to swing a deal with Tampa Bay for Sonnastine, or Jackson, they panic and end up spending a lot, like they normally do. Sheets to the Mets maybe, I know they too are strapped for money.

Here is one that makes no difference to anybody.  Jay Payton – The guy has underachieved his whole career.  A fine athlete but needs to find some way to be threatening at the plate.  Hiroshima Hawks.

Sidney Ponson – What team wants to go through the pain of having this guy pitch for them, “Oh Ponson, are you too good to be on the Rangers?”  Give me a break.  He ends up playing on the ‘Wal-Mart Mens Slo-Pitch’ team, position catcher. 

Anyway, that is all I got!  I’ll be back with more history next post.  I was just trying to amuse myself writing this, I could actually be right about some of these predictions, I concede that, I don’t want to dash anyones hopes reling on me to fail, or expecting their coveted player to go to the team that I actually predicted.