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A Game NOT to Remember

Brett Cecil, Blue Jays promising young starting pitcher, had been very impressive in his first three starts up in the majors getting 2 wins and maintaining an ERA of 1.80.  Cecil faced a ‘big test’ pitching against a tough hitting team on the road.  Cecil valiantly kept the Jays in the game until the 5th inning – then as Dennis Eckersly put it ‘BaBoom.’  Cecil gave up four homeruns in the inning, including a pair of two-run homeruns to David Ortiz (yes David Ortiz hit his first of the year!) and Canadian born Jason Bay

Cecil is a great young pitcher with a lot of talent.  This was a ‘big test’ for him.  He is just going to have to let it go and reflect on his last 3 starts – which were very impressive.  Cecil made a lot of mistake pitches in the 5th inning (notably hanging sliders).  I’m sure that he realizes that.  He needs to take it as a learning experience, like I’m trying to do with my ex-girlfriend.  Me also being a rookie …. at relationshiips. 

All I got to say to Brett Cecil is let this one fade away.  Fade out of your memory.  Maybe get a fade haircut???  I know I only crack myself up!

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