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Fun Play on Words with Player Names

Carmona copy.jpgSadly, this will be my last post for a couple weeks.  I finished my PR program at College and they are taking away my laptop for two weeks.  I will leave you with this fun little play on words that I made up last night.  Enjoy.


I started my Halladay by heading straight to the Escobar to get a Carmona.  The Kapler was not a twist HoffmanEthier I use my teeth, or the Leiter in my back pocket.

One Carmona, two Carmona, three Carmona four.  Youkilus, Youkilus!  I Doumit on the floor.  No Mora!  No Mora!   Soon, I was Gagne all night.  I woke up on Huston, Street in Rios de janernos.  Hunter Byrds were circling my body.  Ahh, Inge!!!  How did I get that Saltalamacchia’d off only four Carmonas?  What a J.J. Put z, I am!