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Missing the Boat

The way the playoffs
unfolded this season, a bundle of teams may have felt that they
really ‘missed the boat‘ on trading for Halladay. The Dodgers, Rockies,
Red Sox and most certainly the Phillies
could have obviously used his services. Today, a handful of those clubs front offices must be wondering
what if?’  In my honest opinion, not trading/throwing the farm for Roy Halladay drastically hindered the Dodgers chance of making it to the World Series, and the Phillies chance of winning the World Series. 

J.P. said himself that he wasn’t getting the offers, to pull a deal for Halladay!  If that is true, and it is hard to know with Ricciardi, I’m honestly baffled.  Why were teams not throwing the

Boat copy.jpg

farm to get Halladay? For the
Phillies, no doubt Halladay would have been more 10 times more of a force than
Pedro Martinez and his 85 MPH craftiness in Games 2 and 6 of the World Series. If I were them, I would have
given the Jays Dominic Brown, Kyle Drabek and J.A. Happ for Roy
Halladay in a second. Apparently, the Jays were only offered any ONE of those
guys, along with some mid-level prosects.  When I heard that I thought, “Really?  Who are they?  It is Roy Halladay!!!”  Those three players might have fine careers, but probably nowhere will they have the value of the Doc.  Halladay is a man that dominate big game situations.  Two Halladay complete games
in the World Series, no doubt wins it for the Phils. We all know he is capable
of it. As a Jays fan, I see the guy do it time and again. Lee + Halladay, anchoring that rotation would have been deadly!

That said, I definately agree that this offseason teams may/SHOULD
be rethinking what they would do to get Halladay
. He should have
‘plenty of suitors,’ quoting Major League Bastian

The way teams ‘missed the boat’ on Halladay at
the deadline in ’09.  Arrrrghhhh!  Just silly, in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, I would hate to see Halladay leave Toronto, but I also really hated seeing the Yankees win their 27th World Series and knowing that ‘by far’ they were the best team on the field.