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Well that was Depressing

I am going to start this random blog appearance off with a moment of Q&A to myself?  Yes … myself an all too familiar sight on this blog.    

Q: How depressing was the Blue Jays 2013 season? 

A: About as depressing as the activity on this blog in the past two years.  Zing!  Ouch!  My very own work art – I have taken it for granted – left out in cyber dust, lifeless, void any passion or energy.

Similarly, the Blue Jays of 2013 were a work of art crafted by GM Alex Anthopolous.  The season that began with great hype and fanfare (lol, sure) following the acquisitions of Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, R.A. Dickey, Melky Cabrera, Josh Thole and Emilio Bonifacio ended in depression as the Jays finished in the basement of yet another very tough A.L. East division. 

The optimism that was at an all-time high in ‘Blue Jay Nation’ coming into the year quickly turned to frustration and sadness.  The point that I knew season was lost was Mid-April in Kansas City when Jose Reyes broke his ankle stealing second base.  Reyes wouldn’t be back until June while all of the other pieces Anthopolous acquired struggled to excel in a Jays uniform.  Dickey’s game did not look good in the Rogers, Bonifacio struggled to find a defensive position (then played great in Kansas City, bastard), Johnson had a rough go of it and Buehrle was … well himself (nothing too special). 

This year the Jays seem poised for a better win/loss output as the team remains relatively intact with a huge statistical upgrade at catcher (going from a player getting on base at .227 clip, to one at .365) HUGE!  The pitching rotation still seeks a few players to emerge, but some may argue that the Jays have some young arms in the system ready to perform (Hutchison, Drabek, Stroman). 

I’m also not a believer that the lack of activity in the offseason will be detrimental the Jays this year.  The team made ample moves last season, so this year it was not a necessity.  To keep it brief (because if you had followed this blog rarely do I write about the Jays) the Jays still have a solid core of talent in Reyes, Encarnacion, Lawrie, Bautista, the Bullpen and Dickey.  With a bit of luck from the injury bug, and at the backend of our pitching staff from young unprovens we could be very competitive club.      

Anyway, I’d like to apologize for the poor effort that I have put out on this blog.  Comparatively, I’m also sure that the Jays want to apologize for their performance on the field last season.  Okay … so all things considered even I’ll end with a famous baseball quote from ‘Dem Bums,’ the pre-1940’s Brooklyn Dodgers, “We’ll get em’ next year.”  The Jays and the blog.

Although I have absent from this blog, I’m still a living, breathing person.  Send me tweet @talkinhomer … always like connecting with Jays fans.