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The Cinderella Story Continues

I’m very suprised that Tampa was able to take that series last night.  They’ve been doing it all year without age and experience, so why not put in a young guy that hadn’t got a win, or a
cinderella009.jpgsave, in his whole career, in the most crucial situation in team history.  It was a gutzy move by Joe Maddon to use David Price to close the game, it was a gutzy move to trade Delmon Young, and guess what?  The Rays came out looking golden and glooorious for it!!

I know that the Red Sox had the magic or ‘reversing their curse’ behind them.  The Rays must have the Disney Magic behind them (they played three games in Orlando this season versus the Jays at Disney’s WideWorld of Sports, Jays got swept by Tampa). 

Also, David Price might as well be Vincent Price because that guy scares me.  He looks pretty good!