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Childhood Baseball Cards – GONE CRAZY!

Hey!  Welcome back to my blog everybody.  If you’ve been gone for a while, don’t worry, no real big Blue Jay news.  The Toronto Star reported on how streets in Mississauga (part of Toronto) were named after Blue Jay players in the late 1990’s.  There is a (Roger) Clemens Street, a (Kelvim) Escobar Avenue and stuff like that.  Big news!  They must be hurting.  Anyway, here is a different look at some of the baseball cards I showed in the previous post.  Just having some fun.  This design was inspired by the movie ‘Indian in the Cupboard.’  I wish that happened to me, except instead of toys, baseball cards.  It could be called “Baseball Player in my Shoebox,” or something like that??? 

Click!  (for a better view)

BlueJaycards copy2.jpg