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Good News – Bad News

I have some good news-bad news in this blog entry.  The good news is this week I joined many of the people that blog here by gettting a job.  The bad news is finding the time to blog and work at the same time can be challenging, as I’ve experience these last couple of weeks.  I’m doing PR right now for an organization that helps local schools educate kids about the environment and possibly raise funds for them to plant a tree at their school.  Although I’m not an enormous environmentalist, I do like trees (with the exception of them getting in front of my 5 Iron) and I also like parks (especially ballparks).  Regardless of what I like, building a considerate and environmentally conscious youth I believe is a positive step for the future, so at least this is work that I can feel proud about doing. 

Its better than throwing out every perfectly useable but somehow slightly dented product at Wal-Mart.  That is one policy I did not like!!!!  I worked their for a brief time during school.   

Anyway, the outfit I’m working for is called Earth Day.  Here is our website for anyone interested: www.earthdayhamilton.ca.  The job is only until April, so my graphic design ambitions are not yet gone.    

With my time off blogging, I created an advertisment for my blog.  It combines three of the most important things to me in baseball.  The Blue Jays are represented by Carter’s homerun in 93′ along with my favorite player Roy Halladay, baseball history is represented by Gerhig and Ruth (the two players with arguably the most impact on it) and the bobbleheads represent how much fun I have talking about baseball with other baseball fans from all over, while somewhat bobbling my head at times I guess????

The best part is that they are all talkin homer!WereTalkin copy.jpg