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Catch the Taste

Everybody around Southern Ontario circa 1992-1994, and is also addicted to television as much as I am, remembers the McCain frozen drink commercial where Roberto Alomar catches a frozen ‘fruit punch’ can and says, “Catch the Taste.”  Somehow that is an iconic symbol of the time in this region, and so was Alomar.  He absolutely dazzled fans with his play.  And to him we weren’t just the “Blue Jays,” we were the “Blue Yays.”  As his latinoalomar_arms_getty_260[1] copy copy.jpg accent were only permit him to say. 

He definitely gave the fans a lot to go, “Yay” over.  He was our best player.  Alomar could hit, steal bases and play some of the most outstanding defense at second base that you have ever seen.  I’ve never seen a player cover as much ground defensively at second base as Alomar did.  If only they had Fangraphs and UZR back then?  I’m sure it would be off the charts!  Alomar really did it all for the team. 

No Blue Jay fan will forget the homer he hit off Dennis Eckersley, then A.L. Cy Young and League MVP, in the 9th inning, down 2 runs in game 4 of the 1992 ALCS.  It shifted the momentum in the series and launched the Blue Jays into their first World Series.  “Yay!” 

Many argue that the ‘Alomar ALCS homer‘ is the greatest moment in Blue Jay history, even ahead of Joe Carter’s World Series winning shot in 1993.  They also argue that Alomar is the greatest Blue Jay in history … bar none. 

When you look at Alomar’s ability to be a 5-tool player, and consider his importance to the two World Champion teams in 1992 and 1993.  It is hard to dispute that Alomar is not the greatest to have ever worn a Blue Jay uniform.  Just that fact is good enough for me to put him in the Hall.