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He is Legend

No pitcher prepares, trains and works harder than Roy Halladay.  His pre-game preparation and spring training regiment has become ‘a tale of legend’ among his peers.  You know whyDocPerfectgame.jpg the movie ‘I am Legend’ with Will Smith flopped in the box office?  Because it wasn’t about the life of Roy Halladay. 

Halladay focuses on every hitter/team like a school exam, and he is a straight ‘A’ student.  Some would call the Yankees and the Red Sox a hard test?  Not for Halladay.  ‘The Doc’ was 13-6 with a 2.59 ERA and a 0.99 WHIP against both teams while he was in the A.L. East.

No test is too difficult for Halladay.  On a Saturday night in Florida, Roy was given the test of the Florida Marlins and scored perfect.  With one out in the 8th inning I watched Halladay freeze a very good hitter, Dan Uggla, on a 2-seam sinking fastball that broke towards the outside corner of the plate.  When I saw him make that pitch, I knew he had enough to be perfect.  Sure enough, Ronny Paulino grounded a ball hit slowly enough in the hole that Phillies utility infielder, Juan Castro, could make a play on.  The rest was history!  A perfect history exam, if you will?

In all seriousness, does it get any better than Halladay?  As if you didn’t know how good he is yet?