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Danger! Guerilla Warfare

jose-bautista-19-mlb copy.jpg
No could have predicted the year that Jose Bautista had in 2010.  He became Major League Baseball’s most dangerous homerun threat, and has characterized the Blue Jays as an excessive homerun hitting team.

As I watch Roy Halladay do what I always knew he was capable of doing, I’m reminded of the old identity the Jays had with ‘Doc’ as the star.  In 2010, Jose Bautista changed all of that.

The Blue Jays, and more specifically the Rogers Centre, is now a scary place to play.  Opposing pitchers are coming to another country, and they are being harrassed and assaulted by a lineup with deadly weapons.  Entire pitching staffs are being held hostage by Blue Jay bats.  The structure of the game is crumbling as we wreak devastation on MLB.  Bautista is leading his rebellion army across baseball and (hopefully?!? arbitration?) into 2011.