Canada’s One and Only

A stamp celebrating Canada’s ‘one and only’ Hall of Fame baseball player, Fergie Jenkins, were recently released.  Upon seeing the stamps, my eyes lit up at the post office and I said, “Fergie!”  The girl behind the cash knew at that moment she had a sale.  It’s probably most exciting time that I’ve ever had at the post office.  Man, am I a sucker for baseball collectibles under ten bucks?  This is what they look like:

FergieStamps copy.jpg 

The designer did a wonderful job, in my opinion.  Graphically appealing in a traditionally sense, and I especially enjoy the added feeling of acquiring a ‘ball ticket’ upon purchase.

The stamps celebrate black history month and commemorate Fergie receiving the Order of Canada in 2007 for outstanding merit making a difference in the lives of Canadians.

Fergie has been a great supporter of baseball in Canada and the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.  I had the opportunity to meet Fergie at a baseball tournament near my hometown last year.  Being the Blue Jays fan that I am, I asked him what he thought about the Jay rotation.  He liked Ricky Romero, as I vaguely recall?  Anyway, Fergie was at the tournament selling signed bobbleheads, gloves etc.. all supporting his foundation, the Fergie Jenkins Foundation.  Obviously, I bought a bobblehead for those who know me.  I’m appreciative that Fergie took some time to talk baseball with me, being just some average fan.

Fergie was a hidden Canadian baseball treasure, coming from a very small farm town outside Chatham, Ontario to become a 3-time All-Star and Cy Young award winner.  He is very deserving of being invested to the Order of Canada and now a stylish member of Canadian postage history.              


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