Danger! Guerilla Warfare

jose-bautista-19-mlb copy.jpg
No could have predicted the year that Jose Bautista had in 2010.  He became Major League Baseball’s most dangerous homerun threat, and has characterized the Blue Jays as an excessive homerun hitting team.

As I watch Roy Halladay do what I always knew he was capable of doing, I’m reminded of the old identity the Jays had with ‘Doc’ as the star.  In 2010, Jose Bautista changed all of that.

The Blue Jays, and more specifically the Rogers Centre, is now a scary place to play.  Opposing pitchers are coming to another country, and they are being harrassed and assaulted by a lineup with deadly weapons.  Entire pitching staffs are being held hostage by Blue Jay bats.  The structure of the game is crumbling as we wreak devastation on MLB.  Bautista is leading his rebellion army across baseball and (hopefully?!? arbitration?) into 2011.             


  1. Erin Kathleen

    I think it really sucks that the Blue Jays aren’t in the postseason this year. They have a good offense and some really good pitching; they deserve to get in, and it’s only because they play in a really tough division that they aren’t. That isn’t fair. I guess if there’s anything Jays fans can take comfort in, it’s the fact that your team is full of very good young talent and should be a threat for years to come, while the Yankees are aging and the Red Sox are in the midst of a mini-rebuilding process. The Jays are going to be a lot of fun to watch over the next few years. Here’s hoping they can enjoy success on the level of the Rays.


  2. raysrenegade

    Jose Bautista had one of those years that can make or break the rest of your MLB career. You hope and want him to build on his 2010 offensive firepower, but the reality is that it might bump back a step or two.
    But sometimes guys have a great year and then take that mysterious next step onward and upward.
    Combined with the young pitching staff the Jays have, a weapon like Bautista is a great option to have in the high scoring A L East.
    Wish the Rays had not lost confidence in him, but that is life and Toronto gets the pat on the back for having the foresight to hold onto Bautista.

    Rays Renegade


  3. welikeroywelikeroy

    Some action on here! Woohoo! Great.


    Ya, it would that the Jays would be one of the teams that might benefit the most from another expanded playoff format. However, I don’t like the idea. I think it would damage the integrity of the season. They need to, at least, widely expand the amount of teams if they were going to do that. And still I wouldn’t be that keen on another expansion. It does feel like a shame that some of the recent Jay teams haven’t had a shot at the playoffs.


    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Bautista had a great season, but I don’t mind Hamilton getting the award. Hamilton’s AVG. was collosol and his .OBP was a good 30 points higher than Bautista, even thought .OBP Bautista’s was very respectable compared to his .AVG. I suppose that if the Jays made the playoffs, this would be more of a debate, but the fact that Bautista’s name was mentioned on everyone of the writers ballots … is something.

    Rays Renegade,

    Don’t worry, the Jays also have a countless list of players that they wish they hadn’t given up on. Michael Young, Chris Carpenter, Jason Werth are names that immediately come to mind. ha ha. Remember Bautista came into 2010 a utility player with the team. An injury to Snider, and subpar play by Encarnacion put him in the lineup everyday. Crazy how the season can work out.

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