Lindooooor Chocolate!

Lindor might be a silky, creamy chocolate, but (Adam) Lind is definitely a smooth confection in his own right.”
(Beautiful quote by Rays Renegade, on Adam Lind in my comment section)

I love it when Jordan Bastian The Blue Jay Beat Writing Machine, tweets about an upcoming Jays press conference.  Today I was glued to my Twitter seeing what was up with the team.

The Jays committed to DH/OF/possible future firstbaseman Adam Lind today to a 4-year, 18 million dollar contract with an amazing 3 club options!  This is a great contract considering Lind’s ability to hit.  He is not really a great contributor on defense, so with these options, the Jays ‘have an out’ if his bat struggles.

That likely won’t happen!  Adam Lind has a solid approach at the plate.  Jays fans have seen the kid grow immensly since his rookie year.  He is the kind of player that just keeps improving his hitting.  Last year Lind possibly came to an apex hitting .305/35HR/114RBI’s!  For Jay fans, another season with similar numbers would be amazing.  But I don’t believe that is Lind’s apex.  I think those number are only a taste of what we might see from him in the future, and I look for him to improve upon them this year.     

Good news to start the season!  I will be yelling ‘Lindooooor’ for years to come now!




  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Ironically, I got Lindor Chocolate for Easter! That was the Easter gift for all Jay fans. Happy Easter everyone!

  2. rickmd

    Nice to see that you’re not among those who think that Lind peaked last year. I think .305/105 RBIs is the floor for this guy. I really think that Lind is capable of hitting .325/120 RBIs at some point. Imagine if Vernon starts hitting? Lind’ll actually see some pitches he can hit, in that case.
    And yes, Anthopolous drafted a pretty savvy contract, in my opinion. Very controllable, very manageable, and a bargain if Lind continues to progress.

  3. raysrenegade

    Everyone is shouting how Adam Lind came out of nowhere to be so productive last season, but in Toronto, you know the real story.
    You know that he finally felt on solid ground in 2009, and that he knew his defensive mate, Marco Scutaro was also in unison with Lind.
    He might have finally felt he was “worthy” of the praise and of the spot in the line-up and just blew out of the gate with the confidence of a matador.
    Whatever it was, he is not going to be overlooked again, which can only help him step towards that next level and he mentions as one of his Jays “team leaders”.
    Lindor might be a silky, creamy chocolate, but Lind is definitely a smooth confection in his own right.

    Rays Renegade

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Thanks for coming by again. I think you are dead on with Lind. He is a guy that the Jays have putting in the field. If for some reason his production falls off, his value would take a sharper decline than most players with a position.


    I’m thrilled with this deal! Lind is the man!


    Thank you for coming by my awesome Blue Jay fan compadre! We both may be right about Lind’s apex! With an amazing start to this season, Lind might be on the verge of that this season. Things are looking up.


    Ya, Marcum got a taste of what it was like to be Halladay yesterday. If only the Jays offense could have built upon that early, then that fluke Nelson Cruz homerun would not have hurt so much! Frustrating game!

    Rays Renegade,

    That was beautiful! In fact, I am re-editing my blog to use the last line of your comment. I liked it so much! No doubt we got a gem-like, silky smooth, matador-man … hitting machine and …. Millwright in Adam Lind. ha ha.

  5. raysfanboy

    Lind and Aaron Hill are a twosome you need to keep in Toronto for a long time. Keeping Scutaro would have been good too, but oh well. Those two guys are going to hit a lot of home runs for you and, when the time is right to run at the playoffs, they will be leading the way.

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