Just When I Doubted Him …. Doubt him UNCONFIRMED as yet

First of all, I want to apologize to young Jays GM, Alex Anthopolous, for reiterating some of the criticism that has been thrown his way in the offseason.  Anthopolous is making HIS moves.  Put simply, he is doing what he feels needs to done in order to build the Jays from the ground up.  Who am I to say that he is making too many low-risk decisions that resemble the former GM J.P. Ricciardi? 

I really hope Brett Wallace proves the critics wrong. 

A funny thing happened last week.  It was as if I woke up something in Alex Anthopolous by my last post?  AA did something totally beyond what the former management would have done.  He took a risk!  An exciting risk on one of the top international baseball prosects.  The Jays signed supposedly 19-year-old Cuban infield prospect Adeiny Hechevarria to aHechevarria copy.jpg 4-year-deal worth 10 million dollars.  Even though the Yankees aggressively pursued Hechevarria, and reportedly offered him more money, the Jays scooped him up.  The young man expects to move quickly up the ladder in the Jays organization – something that he felt could not be achieved in New York.  

One scout calls Hechevarria the next Alfonso Soriano, another says that he is more of fielder than a hitter, and then one more scout believes that he eventually be an outfielder.  Regardless, Alex Anthopolous is taking a necessary risk in this signing!  I like it!  Acquiring a young infielder fills a void in our organization, and even if it doesn’t work out, you can tell that AA’s mind is in the right place. 

He is slinging the guns!  Risking money on a young player than can potentially pay ‘HUGE 5-catergory’ dividends!  With this move, AA countered the exact thing that I wrote about last week.  Using Baseball Prospectus’ evaluation of the Taylor/Wallace trade to comment on how AA dealt a high-reward prospect, Michael Taylor, for a low-reward, one-dimensional guy in Wallace.  Hechevarria is definitely the ‘high-risk, high-reward’ move that Blue Jays were looking for, and Baseball Prospcetus was expecting.  

Hechevarria will likely start the year in AA New Hampshire – an indication that the Jays will REALLY move the guy along.  This move has the whole Blue Jay nation up in excitement!

Quite frankly, I see it as ‘baseballs out‘ move!  As soon as 2012, the Jays will be ready to throw em?  Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Orioles if you want to throw down in fisticuffs, fine. I’ve got Mr. Jack Johnson and Dr. Tom O’Leary waiting for ya, right here.  < (Anchorman)      


  1. redstatebluestate

    I hope this is one of those deals where the Yanks WISH they would’ve jumped in… we’ll see! Let us also hope that unlike Alfonso Soriano, this fella can actually hit a breaking ball.
    Also, hope you don’t mind, but this afternoon I’m gonna use one of the cool pics you created a while back. I’m citing your blog with a shout-out too. It’s the one of Jete in a BoSox uni… has been haunting me ever since I saw it. And that’s sayin’ a lot because I DESPISE the Yankees.

  2. Elizabeth D.

    “supposedly 19-years old” that made me laugh because it’s so true. Hechevarria… wow, I’ve heard that he’s better than the Red Sox future star shortstop Jose Iglesias. Epic battle brewing in the AL East I believe…

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