Saving Posters from Real Estate Poachers

In the process of moving my family is now ‘showing‘ their home.  Apparently posters, and enormous shrines dedicated to the Blue Jays are not appropriate enough for people to look at during these home showings!  I don’t know who made these rules?  To me, they would be an enormous sell feature? 


To save the life of my posters from the evil ‘real estate’ people, I decided to post them on here.  I’ve never been too good at parting with some of the things in my youth.  I resist it as much I can!  Picture a 28-year-old, living with his parents and wearing different baseball jerseys out everyday.  Ya …. that is me.  Without the noticable height, facial hair and maturation you couldn’t tell the difference between me and a 7-year-old.  Call me crazy, but I am very reluctant to trade in my collection of jerseys for plain, neutral and well tailored suits.  Then being told to take down my posters for bland, off-white paint!  Something feels wrong with this process.

Anyway, my wide collection of posters is not all complied of all Blue Jays.  Various other players stood out in my young and impressionable mind during those.  Here they are:


The wizard dazzled just about everyone in the 80’s.  If you watch an Ozzie Smith highlight reel, it is hard to deny how absolutely spectacular the man was at shortstop.  He was definitely deserving of ‘the wizard’ nickname.  This was one of my favorite posters, even though I acquired it from my older brother Chris when he had to grow up.


You might remember these Brisk Ice Tea ads with caricatures of Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson.  I got this poster for free, and have been a fan of Brisk Ice Tea ever since.  Am I compelled by advertising or what?  Come on, Babe Ruth is on it!  These ads were the coolest!


During the late-80’s and early 90’s Tim Raines was the face of the Montreal Expos.  Although his image is tarnish from the mention of his cocaine use in the Ken Burns documentary ‘Baseball,’ Raines was an electrifing outfielder for his time.  He was an icon in Canadian baseball, so much so that Cooper Sports (a Canadian company I believe??) even used him as a part of their baseball apparell campaign.  Before the 1994 strike, Canada had a ‘baseball boom’ and many companys/organizations wanted to be involved with it.  This poster is a throwback to those days.


If you grew up a young boy in North America during the late 80’s and early 90’s the odds are you had a poster one of these two players.  Wayne Gretzky was born about 15 minutes away from house.  I consider myself lucky to have been alive during the era of their dominance. 


Of lesser importance is the poster I had of Vince Carter during the ‘Vinsanity’ days when he played in Toronto.  Waste of money if you ask me.  Carter left the Raptors after a fit of whining, and complaining about the team, the city and life in Canada.  This guy was a big disappointment.  His time on my wall was temporary.


This is a life-sized height measuring poster of the enormously tall John Olerud.  I never got up that grew that much, nor did my brother Jeff, but I couldn’t understand it anyway, as the measuring was in meters??  The gracefulness and beauty of Olerud’s swing was unmatched by many.  No Blue Jay fan will forget the batting title he obtained in 1993 hitting .363 and leading the Jays to World Series in the process.


‘Donny Baseball’ was amazingly one of my favorite players.  He represented an era in Yankees in history when they weren’t winning!  Maybe that is why I liked him?  He also signed my father’s baseball once, so that left an impression. 


I love baseball hats!  The designs, colors and logos I find them all truly unique.  Having this poster ensured that MLB was on my mind 24/7!


This Babe Ruth statue has graced my living room fireplace mantle since I was born.  In the process of ‘showing our house’ the Babe was taken down for a brief period.  I’d argued ‘tooth and nail’ that the Babe adds to the traditional, New England-style decor of our home.  If I were a buyer, I’d ask it to be thrown in with the deal!



  1. welikeroywelikeroy


    You are right! I just don’t get why people want their new home to be empty, and have no personality!


    Olerud had that sweet stroke! The one knock on Cito was that in Olerud’s prime, he tried to turn him into a pull hitter. People say that seriously hurt his development. Nonetheless, 1993 was a magical season for Johnny O that I’ll always remember. He flirted with hitting .400 that year!

  2. welikeroywelikeroy


    I’m glad someone agrees with me about the decor!!!! Finally! That Babe Ruth ‘big head’ statue makes any room light up! Also, I thought that Lipton ad campaign was brilliant. They have to something like that again.


    We through a lot of our poster out unfortunately. I still have a Mookie Wilson, Kelly Gruber and Darly Strawberry that are not up year. I’m still searching for an idea of what to do with my Roy Halladay fathead.

  3. crzblue2

    I love all the posters! And agree the the Babe should reign supreme over the house. Your museum should have stayed as is. It would have encourage conversation. I have a few Dodger posters that I need to make a decision how to display. Take down all the pictures in the house and just go with baseball decor!

  4. Michael David

    Those 80’s posters were the best. Most of mine are still on the wall of my old room at my parents house downstate. My hockey one’s mosty consisted of Steve Yzerman, though. Baseball were old Tigers or Will ‘The Thrill’ Clark. Good stuff.
    Mike-‘Minoring In Baseball’

  5. Jonah

    Wow. Your room looks exactly like mine, the clock, the shelves, the collectors cups – save for the posters, and my walls are painted blue. I once had a Bell poster, and a Canseco one (under glass, which I broke accidentally with a baseball). That one of Raines is tops.


  6. Jonah

    Wow. Your room looks exactly like mine, the clock, the shelves, the collectors cups – save for the posters, and my walls are painted blue. I once had a Bell poster, and a Canseco one (under glass, which I broke accidentally with a baseball). That one of Raines is tops.


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