The Roy Halladay blockbuster trade to the Phillies a couple months ago has recently brought this blog, my screen name, my life and Toronto Blue Jays into an identity crisis

First of all, there is no way that I am changing my ‘welikeroywelikeroy‘ screen name!  ‘The Simpsons‘ reference coupled with my favorite all-time player’s name is just too good to let goGoodmam.jpg of. 

For those of you that don’t watch ‘The Simpsons,’ there is an episode where a motivation speaker, Brad Goodman, is intrigued by Bart Simpson’s attitude towards life.  Goodman gets the people of Springfield (the town where the Simpsons live) to chant in a motivational town hall meeting:  “‘Be like the Boy’ ‘Be like the Boy’.”  After that, Goodman gets just the ladies in the crowd to chant:  “Be like the Boy”, “Be like the Boy.”  Then Goodman asks the old people in the back of the crowd to do the same chant.  Hilariously, the old people hard of hearing come up with:  “We Like Roy, We Like Roy.”

Combined with Halladay being my favorite player, this was naturally one of the best screen names that I’ve ever thought of, in my opinion.  I even tried to get that chant going at a couple of Blue Jay games, but it never caught on.  This is the gift that I give to you City of Philadelphia!  Make the ‘We Like Roy’ chant work!   

I’ve come to realization that I will always be a HUGE Halladay fan, no matter where he goes!  And to prove this fact, without completly destroying my identity as a life-long ‘die hard’ Blue Jay fan, I’ve taken a drastic step.



That is right!  I got a Roy Halladay Phillies jersey, and I wear it proudly, not even being a Phillies fan.  Call me a traitor all you like, but I still wear my Halladay Blue Jay jersey just as proudly.  Having this jersey is a statement that I realize the economics/business of baseball, and I have accepted it.  Halladay wanted to get paid, and go to a winner.  As long as that doesn’t come at the Blue Jays expense, I accept it, and embrace it.  From now on, I am a serious Phillies fan when Halladay is pitching.  I will be skipping Jay games to see Halladay starts!  That is a bold statement for me, but in figuring my ‘identity crisis,’ the loyalty I have towards Halladay partially trumped my loyalty towards the Jays.  It had an impact, is all I am saying.  My personal ‘Blue Jay world’ was devastated by some kind of natural disaster when the Halladay trade went through … to use a terribly timed metaphor.

The Jays Future Identity        

In losing Halladay, the Jays have lost their one definable ‘star player’ that all MLB fans,
teams and media were aware of.  We now look on to a much younger team
that has wide array of possibly emerging talent.  It is hard to say who will be the ‘marquee’ Blue Jay moving forward.  Aaron Hill and Adam Lind
would be the likely candidates, but we all know a ‘marquee’ player is
not given that moniker after only one ‘all-star caliber’ year.  It
takes time and consistant success.  Halladay gave the Jays many
‘all-star caliber’ years.  So, who will step into Halladay’s old
shoes?  Other than Lind and Hill, the Jays have some intriguing young
players that could be future All-Stars?  However, I’m not comfortable
enough to definably predict any of them as that.  Brett Wallace, Travis
Snider, Kyle Drabek, Zach Stewart, Shaun Marcum, Dustin McGowan, Ricky
Romero, Brett Cecil and Brandon Morrow
are the guys in the
organization that I could possibly see being future All-Stars.  If any
two of these guys actually turn into an all-star, the Jays will have a
promising future.  That said, nobody can replace ‘the Doc,’ but it will
be interesting to see what player(s) round out the Blue Jay ‘identity‘ for years to come.

In Closing: My Life

In closing, uncertain in life as I look for steady employment, figuring out my baseball allegiance had to be cleared up before appling to more jobs.  I was lost.  My life usually follows the condition of the Blue Jays franchise in some eerie way.  You’d have to talk to me for examples. 

Right now, the Jays and I are both searching for an identity.  Hear is hoping that we both hope find our identity moving forward.     


  1. Jane Heller

    I think it’s very cool that you’re staying loyal to Doc even though he’s in Philly. He’s your favorite player, so why should that change, right? You can still root for the Jays. Anyhow, good luck with both your baseball allegiance and your job search!


  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    The Halladay jersey is my way of coping with the loss of him, while maintaining my ‘welikeroy’ identity. I’ll never turn my back on the Blue Jays though.

  3. mattpeas

    I would do the exact thing you did. I have done it actually. Bought my Jason Bay Red Sox t-shirt but now I am in the market for a Mets one. Good luck in the job search. I will be in the same boat as you here in a year or two

  4. angelsgirl012

    roy halladay is my favorite too 🙂 Sorry about the loss! Hey y’all still have Aaron Hill and (dare i say it) Vernon Wells! He really is a nice guy though…. maybe better numbers to come?

    I put more description on my “favorite player” blog but i found this website that a blue jay fan made just for roy halladay. I thought it was really sweet and thoughtful!



  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    For all those interested, here is a rant I uttered earlier this year at the peak of the Halladay trade talk. I think that it sums up the regard that I hold Halladay in.

    If you don’t get to watch Halladay pitch on consistant basis, you are really missing something! Let me tell you … it is something special to watch him pitch! If Halladay comes to your town? BUY THOSE TICKETS! You don’t even have to be a Jays fan, just a baseball fan. Is Halladay a ’surefire’ Hall of Famer yet? Hell yes, if he keeps this up. Pitchers in the modern era simply do not log the amount of innings he does and complete as much games. He is a horse, he is the Seabiscuit of horses. Heart of a Lion! Sould of a champion. The man simply ‘brings it’ every night he pitches! He goes right after hitters with moving fastballs that he knows are difficult to hit, he wants to complete every game until he is sure the Jays have won and the intensity he displays on the mound is unmatched by any PLAYER I ever seen play the game – or any player I’ve seen play any ANY GAME for that matter! Halladay controls and (baseball term) commands his pitches, like he controls and (not a baseball term) commands the game. More often than not, you will see a masterpiece on the mound. It makes me proud to be a fan of him everytime someone enquires about “how good he is, and how much they would want him on their team!”

    What else can you say about Halladay?? A leader … Yes! A winner … Yes (best winning percentage in baseball for a pitcher over the past 5 years or so). Other than that, it has been an honour and a privledge to him pitch for the last 11 years. I didn’t see his very first start, but I remember second one. Most Blue Jay fans don’t forget the near no-hitter that was broken up Bobby Higginson of Tigers on the last game of the season. My favorite player of all-time. The way he left the Jays with the full page ad in the Sun. What an amazing athlete, icon and role model.

  6. greg1969

    Hey, Jeremy. Good to see you back on and blogging again! Yeah, I wondered if you would have “Halladay Withdrawal”, and how you might contend with that. Congrats on getting the Halladay Phillies jersey. I understand that “personal loyalty” in addition to the “team loyalty” problem. I would have that same issue with some players on our Red Sox team–incl. with a player that the FO is looking to trade right now. Yeah, I get it. (And if he gets traded outside the AL East, that would be even better). Many of us on our “pro” blog still feel that way about certain players from our 04 WS team. (Some, arguably, are still in withdrawal!). I own a Red Sox jersey with no name on the back, just the number 19–tribute both to our present-day wearer, Josh Beckett, and to a player who wore the number in the 70s (Fred Lynn) before he was traded to the then-California Angels. I continued to follow him when he was with the Angels (though I never became an Angels “fan”–I still retained my Red Sox allegiance). Even then, that was tough–and it was an early lesson! (I was about 12 years old at the time).
    Interesting origin of the “WeLikeRoy” name. I never watch the Simpsons, so I’d have missed that connection! 😉
    Again, enjoy your Halladay jersey, and good to see you blogging again! And yes, it is something else to watch Halladay pitch–even when rooting against him! Take care, Jeremy!

  7. Erin Kathleen

    It is really hard when your favorite player gets traded. I almost bought a Santana Mets jersey, but decided the money would be better spent on a Mauer one (It really does make losing a favorite player much easier if your team has another great player you can love. I hope someone from the Jays emerges as that player for you). I don’t think it makes you a bad Blue Jays fan to cheer for Doc as a Phillie at all; it’s not like he went to a division rival, or even another AL team. Hang in there, hopefully better days for both you and the Jays are ahead 🙂

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jeremy …

    Roy “Doc” Halladay is one of the best pitchers in baseball, maybe the best … So, I can feel your pain in seeing your favorite player go to another team !!! … With all the success by the Yankees in recent years, it is still very disappointing [to me] when I see players like: Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, and Johnny Damon leave the team because the Yankees would not offer these players proper contract packages that would allow them to stay in the Bronx … But, this is all part of the “business of baseball”, and usually, it is the “fans” [us] that have to suffer because of these questionable moves !!! … We can still follow and root for our favorite players, though. And, I hope Halladay has a Cy Young Award winning season with the Phillies in 2010 … The best thing I like about “Doc” is the amount of “complete games” he pitches every year … The GC is an art, and very rare in today’s game of baseball … Halladay is a master on the mound !!!
    Jeremy, as for your “welikeroywelikeroy” screen name — it is very unique, and I like the name … You should def keep the name, as it is a very special part of your mlblog, and, also, a special way for you to still root for your favorite player: Roy “Doc” Halladay !!!
    We kind of have a similar issue regarding our screen names … My screen nickname: “jimmy27nyy” was chosen [when I began my mlblog in 2007] in honor of the Yankees journey to their 27th World Championship … Well, now that the Yanks have achieved that goal, I look at my “27nyy” as a very special number, and part of my name and blog … I will continue to keep my “jimmy27nyy” nickname, and not change my number like Joe Girardi, who is planning on changing his number to #28 starting in 2010 !!! [but, I do agree with Girardi’s decision as motivation for the Yankees journey to their 28th World Championship].
    Take care, Jeremy !!!
    “Think Spring” !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  9. welikeroywelikeroy


    Thanks for the loyalty even during the ‘identity crisis’ this blog was going through. Fifty percent of my posts had to include Halladay somehow. Halladay is one of those players that is very tough to give up because you know the guy is destined for the Hall of Fame. He gave the Jays so many good years, but we just couldn’t give him the supporting cast. The only thing I could compare it to is if the Yankees ever lost Jeter. For me, it was that big. Thanks for understanding, and interesting how you transitioned your Fred Lynn jersey into Josh Beckett.


    Fantastic choice with Mauer. After the year he had last season, I don’t see Minnesota giving up on him. Another guy that I felt upset about leaving the Jays was the O-Dawg … Orlando Hudson. I see he landed in Minnesota … nice pick-up!


    We are both going through screen name dilemmas. That is crazy.

    The complete games are very impressive with ‘the Doc,’ also the fact that he usually logs the most innings every year, and even with that, he tends to have the lowest WHIP in the league! The guy is absolutely phenomenal that way! If the Jays weren’t such a sub-par team, Halladay would definately have more Cy Young’s. Thank you for the kind comment.

    I can’t wait for Spring either!!!!!! !

  10. randomboys36@gmail.com

    I’m totally in. I’ll send you my info. Years ago, they used to make cards for fans at Yankee Stadium and I still have mine. They put you in front of a background of a crowd and gave you a bat to hold. It was cool!
    Wicked Tickets

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