Roy Halladay is no longer a Blue Jay

My favorite player is now (not yet officially) a Phillie.  I’ve been preparing myself for this.  Now, I’m not going to do what everybody thinks that I am going to do … “AND JUST FLIP OUT” on this blog.  All I want to know is ‘who is coming to the Jays?’   Who is coming? 

Apparently, the Jays will be able to land prospects from both the Mariners and the Phillies in the three-way-deal.  The Mariners get LHP Cliff Lee from the Phillies, making up for the injury ‘bust’ that was LHP Erik Bedard.  Lee and King Felix should give the Mariners a pretty awesome rotation going into 2010.  

The names being thrown around are Phillipe Aumont (Canadian pitching prospect), Michael Taylor (a Top 50 minor league prospect) and some catcher that I’ve never heard of before Travis d’Arnaud (a very young catcher that spend last season in A-ball).  Though, we might not get any of these guys as nothing yet has been confirmed!  So don’t take my word on it all yet!

*UPDATE:  The players mentioned my not, in fact, be the players that are confirmed in the deal.  These guys have just been thrown out there.*  Strike everything I said about Aumont!  Apparently, a much better pitching prospect named Kyle Drabek is in the deal??  I’ve striked-out Aumont!  Taylor and Drabek in a deal for Halladay is more of what I expected would have come our way.     

Michael Taylor is 3-4 years older than Aumont, and d’Arnaud.  Despite this, he was selected in the same draft as both of them.  Funny how the draft can work out that way.  d’Arnaud and Aumont
were both first round picks, where Taylor was picked in the fifth
round.  What does that tell you?  That Aumont and d’Arnaud are probably
more intriging prospects right?  That is absolutely NOT the case! 
Taylor found his stride much earlier, hitting .330 and above, in both
single and double A ball the last two years.  Taylor got a whiff at AAA in the International League last season, and didn’t fair bad hitting .282 in 110 ABs.  Taylor hasn’t shown
outstanding power in the minors, however, he seems to be a dynamic
hitter that can also contribute with a high .On-Base Percentage.  MILB
ranks Taylor #20 overall for prospects currently in the minors.  He is
pretty much the ‘center-piece’ prospect in this deal, in my opinion.  The other two are more mid-level guys that might pan out.  Six foot six inches tall, Taylor looks to have the skills to play in the bigs.  If he doesn’t, man does he have a lot to live up to!!!!  The question with aquiring Taylor is are we getting the right guy?  Ranked #24 in the minors is another Philadelphia outfield prospect named Dominic Brown.  Current reports say the Jays could acquire either of them, whichever they prefer?  Brown is a younger player that might develop more fruitful than Taylor? 

Kyle Drabek is a young man that the Jays have coveted from the Phillies ever since the trade rumours started.  I know that he had an unbelievable season last year playing for AA Reading.  Drabek combined a 12-3 record with a 3.19 ERA between mid-A and AA ball (the majority of which was played in Reading).  He was the 18th overall pick in the 2006 Draft.  Minor League Baseball has him listed as the #26 prospect currently in the minors.  If he was only one spot lower, I could say the Jays got two players in the Top 25.  Darn!  Oh well, I’m happy the Jays got him because he does seem promising, and he was the front office’s ‘man’ throughout this whole thing!           

When I first saw Aumont pitch in the World Baseball Classic for Team Canada, I was very impressed with his arm.  The young man, who was an 11th overall selection in the 2007 draft, has MLB heat!  What he didn’t have, in my opinion, was great command.  He is still a young guy, but from what I saw, the command was very poor.  Command issues probably factored into Seattle converting Aumont into a minor-league-reliever for 2009.  I fear Aumont may only be catorgorized as a pitcher with ‘closer-potential.’  Not the worst thing, but not nearly as great as the expectations that were layed on him being #11 pick.  Regardless, the Jays get a strong arm, in Aumont, that can grow in the system.  If he is the one included in the deal? lol!  Too early to call at this point!

As I said earlier, I hadn’t read or heard about Travis d’Arnaud until today.  He was a first-round pick, so the Phillies must have seen something in him to pick him that high.  d’Arnaud had an average year in A-Ball last season, but did very well in (SS) short season ball.  Young catching prospect, but nothing to get crazy about at this point.

My Favorite All-Time Blue Jay is Roy Halladay   

So, I didn’t really flip out, or make this post unbearably depressing for both me and you.  I also didn’t mess up, using the name **** Erectus again.  That is good.

From here on, I willing be cheering for a team that I respect much less than before.  For me, Halladay gave the Jays an identity.  We had a dominant ‘ace’ that in years from now could easily be considered a ‘Hall of Famer’ in my opinion.  He was the envy of many teams, players and coaches.  For a team that has been struggling since 1993, it was a lone joy rooting for Halladay as he pitched, and watching win in ‘big games’ time and again.  He is truly a master on the mound.  His presence … regal.    

I envy the Phillies right now, because ‘the man’ (Halladay) is going to absolutely pulversive and obliterate National League hitters. 

I will end with a glimpse back to all the Photoshop work I’ve done on Roy Halladay over the years.

Thumbnail image for seabiscuit copy.jpg

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for CyHalladay copy.jpg 

thedoc copy.jpg
Roy copy.jpg
Thumbnail image for Doctor.jpg
doctor copy.jpg


  1. ohy22xd

    Man, it’s hard to believe that Roy Halladay is really gone. I remember when I felt when Trevor Hoffman AND Jake Pravy left. So sorry about this trade. Hang on though. You’ll recover like I did. Except I took such a long time.

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Thank you guys for your warm sentiments!

    Looking more likely that Aumont is NOT in the deal. I don’t know how this is going to unfold, but the Jays might be getting Kyle Drabek instead of Aumont, which is better! Drabek boosted his status to one of the prospect pitchers in baseball last season in AA Reading.

    Matt, you are definately right! Nobody can replace him. Halladay was one of the best players this franchise ever had. He will be missed, but the deal had to be done, as Halladay was not staying beyond this season.

    Ya, you Padres got roughed up pretty bad last season. Those guys were franchise players. Sometimes the club just has to go in a different direction.

  3. greg1969

    Hey, Jeremy. Well, your GM appears to have avoided trading Halladay within the AL East, as I know he was willing to do so. With good reason Halladay would be a favorite all-time player among Jays fans (perhaps Joe Carter would get some votes). I have always admired Halladay’s CG record, as rare a thing as the CG is anymore, it is great to see him willingly finish what he started, even when he did not have his best stuff. Gotta admire that!
    It appears that you will have some replenishment of the farm system. Too bad Aumont is not part of the deal, as so many of the names going your direction seemed to have French names! (I kid, of course, but it did look like a group of players from Montreal!) 😉 Hopefully, it will help your team both now (with Drabek) and down the road. I don’t know how much the economy has impacted your country, let alone the Jays (perhaps you can do an entry on it!), but perhaps this will help the purse strings until the economy (in both countries) begins to rebound!
    Thanks for responding to my previous entry, also! Take care, Jeremy. 🙂

  4. Jonah

    Great Photoshop work to incorporate Doc. Yes, a player of Halladay’s stature doesn’t come along very often, and us real fans in Toronto (like yourself) truly appreciated what Halladay brought to the table. He will be missed. It also looks like Taylor will be flipped to the A’s for Wallace, a sign that possibly pushes Overbay out the door. I guess we’ll see what the official word is today when the dust settles on this deal.


  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Greg, Jonah, thanks for stopping by my site on this monumental occassion in Blue Jay history, and baseball history for that matter! Never before have two former Cy Youngs been traded for each other!

    Greg, You bring up good points as many fear that losing Halladay, and going into this rebuilding process, the franchise might see a great dwindling in attendance. That is yet to be determined, but the economy can’t help. As you suspected the U.S.’s largest trading partner is Canada, so we’ve seen a vast number of spikes in employment, etc… during this recent downfall as well. The Jays have been critized in the past for being TOO friendly to Canadian talent. Kory Koskie is an example of a guy that we extremely overpayed, and many suspected the ‘Canadian factor’ had something to with it. The CG’s are rare in baseball, and I’m glad you noticed them! Halladay is such a competitor out there, and Phillie will likely fall in love with the player, just as I have. He is only one player though. He cannot take an entire team on his shoulders. I wish he could because I would keep him forever if the team was succeeding.

    Jonah, that for the comment my man. No doubt, Philly is going to be unbelievably amazing this season with ‘Doc’ leading that staff! I will be happy to see Overbay go, as I wasn’t a fan of having a ‘good .OBP guy’ as our firstbaseman. We need someone with some pop, and Wallace looks to be our guy if he can’t play third? In trading Taylor, the Jays must be incrediably high on Wallace! Both guys are very good prospects. How many times do I have to change this blog, lol! For my insights on him, a Wallace post will be up there sometime during the course of this day.

  6. Kaybee

    Man, I’m so sorry. Just seeing the news is making me have flashbacks to that horrible day that I found out about Jake Peavy, but you seem to be taking it pretty well so far. Feel free to flip out, though, it really helps. Hope you feel better soon…

  7. welikeroywelikeroy


    Thank you for the support. I remember you going through the exact same thing with Hoffman, and to compound that, you had to go through it again with Peavy. Thank you for the nice comments. I had my Jerry Maguire moment on this blog, never thought it would happen?


    Thanks for coming to my blog. Lee wanting to test the FA market would have been a concern, so I can see why they included him. Halladay will anchor the Phillies staff for years to come, now! You never know where he would go in FA either? I think a player of Halladay’s stature deserves that kind of deal. Apparently, you guys are some kind of financial bind too, because the Jays sent 6 million your way in the deal??? Halladay will have devasting year in the NL, and now the Phillies can look to find more deadline pitching talent to complement him, which is all Lee really was. You guys will be fine, and your farm system is loaded anyway, so you could afford to give those guys up.

    You know what? I might buy a Halladay Phillies jersey. The Phils have just become my new 2nd favorite team.

  8. thegoodofthegame

    If you can believe it, despite my Phillies landing Halladay, I flipped out when I heard Lee was also being traded to Seattle. Don’t discount the liberation of the occasional “flip-out frenzy,” but you’re right.. the blogosphere is not the right venue.

    It’s a tough position to be in for Toronto. They’re obviously in a rebuilding phase, and that almost always has to happen from within. Unless you’re New York or Boston with seemingly relentless revenue streams that can be used to sign enough free agents to field a new team, you have to rely on the assets you have.

    Roy Halladay was their greatest asset. They got back some good prospects for him, so I would applaud the Blue Jays efforts. I still contend that even with Halladay, the Phillies came out on the raw end of that deal. Halladay will be great in Philadelphia, but we just gave up way too much.

    And the doors of Philadelphia are always open to new fans. #34 Halladay Phillies jerseys are now on sale on!

  9. greg1969

    Hey, Jeremy, I hope you’re doing well now that 2010 is underway. Looking forward to P & Cs reporting date? 😉 Hope you can rejoin the blogging realm before long. Take care, Jeremy–I hope you and yours are well! PLAY BALL!

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