2009: Big Time Playoff Perfomance

Last year I chose a player to write an un-Blue-Jay-related entry about during the postseason.  If the Jays continue to miss the playoffs, I’d like to stick with this trend. 

Above all in this game, it is enjoyable to watch talent.  Having watched a lot of baseball in my time, I have begun to respect players that are often arch-enemies of the team that I follow.  Last year I got a thrill out of watching Carl Crawford aggressively play the game, and tear up the field with his speed.  I was loving watching Crawford last season, even though in the back of my head I knew all the times he decimated, pulverized and crippled the Blue Jays battling in division games.  Crawford anchored the Rays to the World Series contributing with 7 stolen bases in the 2008 postseason, and alone hitting 2 homeruns in the World Series that the Rays unfortunately lost to the Phillies.  I believe to Crawford to be simply the most exciting outfielder in the game.

Pretty good comments, huh?  Surprising coming from a Jay fan that should hold resentment for Tampa players?  Right? 

Well, now you are going to be shocked, saddened, confounded, confused and maybe even tortuned for the rest of this entry (just come to Canada and we will work something out for your medical bills). 

The 2009 Big Time Playoff Performer is Yankee Alex Rodriguez (better known as AROD).

I swear my hands almost went into a seizure while typing that.  I don’t know how I’m going to get through the rest of this?

And I couldn’t do it!

Thumbnail image for ARODweird.jpg



  1. Jonah

    As much as it pained you to write positive vibes for A-Rod, it hurt just as much for all of us non-Yankees/non-A-Rod fans to come to grips with that truth. He has stepped it up during this second season. Oh man, am I waxing poetic on A-Rod’s play? Must wash out mouth with soap…


  2. welikeroywelikeroy


    I know the exact feeling you are writing about. Throughout the playoffs, I really didn’t want to talk, write or hear about how good he was doing. Not a fun thing to do.


    I have so much respect for Matsui as a player. He is a disciplined hitter that makes you every pitcher he faces ‘work!’ And in a situation where pitchers thing they’ve got through the toughest part of the Yankees lineup. I think you guys will miss him, if he is not re-signed.

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