He Just Needed to Learn How to Be a Horse Again

seabiscuit copy.jpg

Before Halladay’s ledgendary start versus the Yankees two nights ago, those were the exact words I used to describe Roy’s troubles since the trade deadline.  ‘He justs needs to learn how to be a horse again.’ copying the stellar lines delivered by Chris Cooper in the film ‘Seabiscuit.’  Halladay had just come off an utterly disturbing perfomance against the Rays, giving up 7 earned runs and 12 hits in only six innings of work.  7 earned is a number that is NEVER usually associated with a Halladay start.  The Doc’s record was 2 – 5 since the trade deadline, and it had people, like myself, wondering if the 2 months of constant ‘trade talk’ (more like badgering) had thrown his performance off in some way?  Moreover, it had teams all around the league saying, ‘thank goodness we didn’t pull that deal!’

That all changed September 4th against the Yankees in a highly competitive A.L. East match-up.  A ‘match race’ if you will!  The likely A.L. East champion New York Yankees came in with their big arms (Joba Chamberlain), big bucks, big New York attitudes (not like we don’t have them in Toronto as well) and big egos (with all the media attention placed squarely on them).  Everything about them seemed greater and stronger.

What the Yankees ran into Thursday night was ‘the heart of a champion.’  We road our ‘horse’ to a complete-game, one-hit shutout against the perennial A.L. East Champion and 26-time World Champion New York Yankees. 

Did the Jays stand a chance?  The answer is a definate ‘yes.’  We had the iron will, heart and determination of a ledgend on our side.  The best thing about Halladay, is like Seabiscuit, he is a horse that has ‘spirit.’  Halladay, on Thursday night, was finally able to put the distractions aside and compete on the level that we are accustomed to seeing him.  Going the distance and dominating the game for 9 innings against a monumental challenge.  If only he could pitch for us everyday!

The sweetness of this one victory has put a consolation on on an otherwise extremely disappointing season for the Blue Jays.  Now go win the World Series Yankees, just know that we beat you guys September 4th in the back of your head.         


  1. raysrenegade

    Roy Halliday will always be the work horse of that staff.
    But you got to admit, even with all the great he can do in the rest of 2009, next season looks so sweet it is almost sick.
    Saw Jesse Litsch at a Rays game since he is rehabbing right now in Dunedin. He says he is ahead of schedule, which is great for a Spring start in 2010.
    And with Shawn Marcum and dustin McGowan only months away too, just the mention of the current guys manning the rotation makes your team easily 7-deep for next season.
    Halladay is just hitting the wall, which every pitcher does during the season.
    But as he gets older, that wall gets taller and thicker.
    He should be fine his next start.

    Rays Renegade


  2. welikeroywelikeroy


    Ya, I don’t know what’s Beckett’s problem either. I was surprised to see us actually hit him. Sorry about saying the Yankees are probably going to win. You guys have just as much of a chance as them.


    Thanks. As far as I see, photo manipulation on blogs is fair game. It is a form of derivitive artwork. So yes! Definately okay with me.

    Well, thanks for asking that question because the Jays young pitchers have been in my mind a lot this year. The only player to really emerge out of the mix is Ricky Romero, as far as the stats go. At one point, some Yankee media person was comparing his changeup to Johan Santana. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but I like what I’ve seen from him. He is a competitor out there and should get some votes for AL Rookie of the Year along with Jeff Niemann.

    Other than that, Brett Cecil, Scott Richmond, Mark Rzepcynski and Brian Tallet. I wouldn’t catergorize any of these guys as dominating at this point. Both Cecil and Zippycynski have nice stuff from the left side. Very young guys that because of the Jays pitching troubles this season, skipped some levels in the minors. I think Cecil has the stuff to become as a solid major league lefty.

    That said, as RaysRenegade just mentioned, Jesse Litsch and Shaun Marcum look ready to crack the rotation 2010 coming off season long injury. I don’t like to get my hopes up too much for a player that has lost a whole season due to injury, so I guess I’ll say, “We’ll see” about those guys. From what I’ve heard about Dustin McGowan, his injury may be career ending. Too bad because the guy had a great arm.


    Alright! You probably remember Litsch from when he was a batboy with the Rays? The way that I would describe both Litsch and Marcum, is crafty. Young guys that like to change speeds, and throw cut balls. McGowan had more of a dominating power arm, it is really a shame about him. I hope that the return of Litsch and Marcum make a impact on this club for 2010.

    I couldn’t believe you guys getting 7 earned off Doc! I felt like I was in a bizarro world, but then again, Tampa has always giving Halladay trouble. Then Halladay throws a one-hitter against arguably the best offensive team in baseball … and totally redeems himself.

  3. crazy19canuck

    Ok weird thing is I’m looking forward to seeing Marcum, McGowan and Litch back. Gives me more reasons to catch games next year. 🙂 At the same time – with those guys back the dynamics of the AL East could change rapidly. If the Jays can keep Scutaro, Hill, and Barajas, there could very well be a 4 way race for the division. I can’t say that I look forward to the the Rays playing them, but it’ll be fun. Bring it on!

  4. diamondgirl55

    I am absolutely in love with your Seabiscuit poster! How creative :] Halladay is going to be ok. You guys are going to have such an outstanding team next season…just like we are! It’ll be the Mariners vs Blue Jays for the AL Championship 2010. Seriously! COUNT ON IT! :] xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  5. welikeroywelikeroy


    I hope we can make a better effort next year too! Litsch had his troubles though, and McGowan went through a pretty bad injury so I don’t know if he can even salvage his career? The one that I am definately looking forward to seeing back is Shaun Marcum. He was great for the Jays. Very good command and changed speeds well. It definately hurt not having him this season.


    Ya! Mariners vs. Jays ALCS! A showdown matchup of the 1977 expansion teams! I’ve already bought the hype. I’m praying for it before I go to bed tonight.


    The one thing that I’m going to do with this blog for the remainder of this season, is make a ledgend out of Roy Halladay. I’ll probably still be doing that even when he leaves the Jays. If the Doc actually read one word of this, that would probably be the biggest thrill of my life. I couldn’t admire a current ballplayer any more than I do him.

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