Instantly we Become a Better Team

Before the first game of a Jays/Yankees series this week, the Blue Jays announced that they accepted the wavier on Alex Rios from the Chicago White Sox.  Tomorrow the Jays will likely call up rookie prospect Travis Snider to take Rios place in right field. 

I feel like like a ‘BIG’ weight has just been lifted off the Jays shoulders.  Some might be skeptical of the move letting Alex go for nothing, but the fact is that Alex Rios has been vastly underachieving in the outfield after the Jays inked him to a 7 year deal that will see Rios make around 60 million until 2014.  With the numbers Rios has been putting up over the last two seasons, he finds himself in a class mid-level outfielders not too much different than the Marlon Byrd’s, Jeff Francoeur’s, or Melky Cabrera’s of the world.  The only difference is Rios makes much more money than those guys.  At one time Rios looked to be a phenomenal young player with a very bright future.  I can’t fault J.P. too badly for giving him the deal, but to J.P.’s shigrin, it didn’t work out!!!

Out with the old and in with the new!  Exactly what this team needs!  The main reason why I like this so much is not mostly that I think Rios wasn’t a valuable player.  It has more to do with this guy and financial flexibility!


Travis Snider our Right/Left Fielder of the future! 

The very young man was just named Pacific Coast League ‘player of the week’ with these numbers .538 (14-26), 11 R, 7 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR, 15 RBI, 7 BB, 5 SO, 1 SB, 1.231 SLGHe seems to have found his swing again, and I for one, am a believer in Snider!  I think the kid will be a great addition to the lineup for years to come.  Mark my words on that!  

The other important thing is monetarily this move frees the Jays up to do a lot more things in the future.  Like aquiring another outfielder and shifting Lind to first base?  Resigning Scutaro (granted I wouldn’t throw a lot of money at him)?  Finding a starter?  Catcher?  Anyone to mix it up a bit?

Snider might be a little too far away to make a big impact for the Jays in 2010, but I do like him as a staple in the outfield.  His outfield play may be a bit of a concern for me moving forward.  For right now, he has a decent arm and can fill in adequately of Rios.  I just want to see how much of a difference he will make with the bat??  Being a lefthanded hitter, it will be  a good fit for him to be thrusted rigth into the ‘lefthanding hitter heaven‘ that is the new Yankee Stadium.



  1. raysrenegade

    I like this Travis Snider kid.
    He just might be the guy you were looking for all along for the power numbers in the outfield.
    I am so sorry to see Alex Rios go with his numbers against us.
    sniff, sniff.
    Better yet, we do not face the White Sox unless we both make the playoffs, so we will see him in 2010.
    I think the kid did great before he got hurt and lost a few steps, but he will be a power upgrade.
    Now go get some pinstripe skin for us….

    Rays Renegade

  2. Erin Kathleen

    Well, obviously I hope Rios continues sucking for the next five years. It would make me very happy if, not only did he cost the White Sox games, but ate up a huge chunk of payroll at the same time. Right now, though, this looks like a good move on the part of the Pale Hose. Dammit. But good for the Jays, dumping a useless player and his salary at the same time.



    You already know my opinion on this debacle. I know its trendy around the area to rip on J.P. so I won’t.
    Instead I will simply voice my concerns about how I see this playing out.
    It is so simple, there is no SALARY CAP IN BASEBALL. The Rogers company owners of the Jays HAVE LOTS OF MONEY. See text below from

    “Rogers Communications Inc.’s Annual Revenues

    Rogers Communications Inc. had revenues for the full year 2008 of C$11.3B. This was 12.0% above the prior year’s results.”

    I know that this is not all profit, but they are not starving for cash I can assure you. I don’t understand why everyone has to be excited when the team saves money. Do we really think that the money they saved by letting Rios go will be reinvested in the ball club? History says that the only way that the Jays can draw free agents is to dramatically overpay. ie. Roger Clemens, AJ Burnett, B.J. Ryan, and Frank Thomas. at 12 million as the high point of Rios’ contract it really isn’t bad value as opposed the 10 mil per season they were paying the big hurt last year. They cannot replace Rios’ production without paying an equal or greater value.

    The fact of the matter is that they lost a 28 year old two time all star entering the prime of his career for nothing. Plain and simple.

    No matter what business you are in a big zero is not a good return on investment. 5 years of watching Alex develop in the outfield, to let him go for nothing is sickening. I hope he helps the Sox this year, and in the future.

    Its frustrating to be a Jays fan right now. I do appreciate your constant optimism, and I once shared it. I guess it just boils down to that I don’t believe this is a good move. They Jays look like a joke in the A.L East, dumping salary for nothing. Could you imagine if the Yankees or Sox made a similair move with a non washed up player, Cashman and Epstien would be Strung up in the streets, but in Toronto we view at as good business sense. I just don’t get it. For this move I refuse to pay my Roger’s cable bill for one month.

    Thanks for giving me somewhere to rant, i will call you tonight.


  4. welikeroywelikeroy


    Great backend pitching from the Jays bullpen took down the Yanks last night. Glad we could be of help. It was a sweet victory indeed. The back injury concerns me with Snider, and also his weight. The kid is still very young and has some filling out to do, as I am currently experiencing in my late 20’s … believe me.


    I think Rios will be a solid addition to Chicago making a playoff run this season. He seems to be finding his stroke at the plate. That is a good sign for them. I’d warn, however, Rios can be dreadfully inconsistant as well.


    I personally couldn’t handle Rios inconsistancy anymore. Sure, he might come around? Right now, Rios lacks concentration. You can tell in his approach. Apparently the guy kills BP, but can’t translate that to the plate. I just want a player to come in here and hit 30 homers drive in 100 RBI’s from the 3 spot. Rios wasn’t doing that, Hill and Lind have the ability to. Snider can possibly be that guy as well.


    We will see what we can do. Richmond has been *** se *** sa (so, so) this year. I don’t have too much confidence in him. But we will see.


    As many of you can tell, me and brother, Chris, are having a fiery debate over this Alex Rios move. I see it as a positive thing for the Jays moving forward, and Chris thinks we got lost too much. He also believes Blue Jay ownership, Rogers Communications, to be extremely wealthy. And like many in Toronto, including Blue Jays beat-writer Jeff Blair, calling for Rogers to step-up their financial committment to the Jays.

    I see the majority of the Rios claim as being a talent evaluation, as previously stated. We do save money, which can be used in other ways, but that is yet to be seen. I would love to see Rogers step-up their committment to the Jays!!! But if they do that, I rather see them do it wisely. We have gotten ‘average’ from Rios the last two seasons, better than the complete waste Vernon Wells, but still nothing on the level of a premier middle-of-the-lineup guy.

    We need to ‘weed out’ the underachievers and get on the train for the new up and comers. lol. So corny. Time will tell with this decision, also the likely inevitability of Halladay being traded.

  5. raysrenegade

    Do not worry we all get to that special place where the shorts from last summer do not fit, or the shirts we bough got snug for some reason.
    I only have to pop on the scale and see an extra 30 lbs from my old playing weight to know i am getting older, and have more gray daily.
    Part of life. You either fight it with money for lipo, or sweat it out to the oldies (lol)
    We will be fine………………maybe.

    Rays Renegade

  6. Jane Heller

    I was surprised by the Rios deal, since he always kills the Yankees. But I can understand why unloading him and his hefty salary makes sense for the Jays going forward. As Renegade said, I’m not sorry he’s out of the division! Richmond had good stuff tonight – great curve – and I was impressed (and dismayed) by all his strikeouts. But in the end it was the pen that lost the game. They were so good last night, but not tonight. Weird, right?

  7. raysfanboy

    I think that Rios is going to be a great player before it’s over. But it was obvious that transformation was not going to occur in Toronto. I still don’t see letting him go for nothing only a short time after the trading deadline, but oh well. He’s gone and, as you said, a new era can begin.

  8. welikeroywelikeroy

    dillion, stevejays,

    Ruiz is a guy that can definately hit. Why he has stayed this long in the minors is beyond. Last year I glimpses of great hitting talent from Ruiz when he was with the Twins, so much so, I picked him up in my fantasy pool for September.

    Nice to see Snider take Beckett deep in his first at-bat!!! Boooo Yah!


    This is the first time in my life where I’m working out to lose weight. I’m kinda in panic mode doing it. haha. I don’t ever want to see grey. I’ll be seeing Walt Clyde Frazier and Keith Hernandez before I see that.


    I don’t think that Rios will live up to all the hype he had after 2006. He will be a fine player, but not the superstar everyone was pegging him to be.


    Whatever the Jays pitching can do against the Yankees in that ballpark is icing on the cake. I usually expect the worst when they Jays put any pitcher in out of the pen against the bombers.

  9. happyyoungster

    That move makes a ton of sense. I’m glad to see Snider back up.
    Gives fans a breath of fresh air when they get to see the future stars in action!


  10. thatbaseballguy

    Well, with the way the Yankees are playing right now, I don’t think the Jays are going to get anywhere when this series starts. I think the decision to put Rios on waivers was a smart one. He hasn’t been performing the way he has in the past and it was time for him to leave. Nice post.

  11. justintime35

    I saw him a few years back at a Lansing Lugnut game which is in Michigan 30 minutes from my house and talked to him for a while. Real nice guy.

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