Zippy Gives Jays a Decent Start

In times like these, it is important to stay positive.  Some wise person said that … probably Yoda, or the Lord of the Rings Wizard guy.  The Jays were definately outmatched in this past series versus the Yankees.  They were close and hard-fought games, where theZippy.jpg Jays could take away a number of ‘small victories,’ if not victories that actually show up in the standings. 

Marc Rzepcynski, pronounced (Zip-Chin-Ski) if you were wondering, gave the Jays a decent start against a very potent lineup that did the same amount of damage against elite Jays pitcher Roy Halladay.  Impressed with Rzepcynski’s mound presence, 3 quality pitches from the left side and command, Rzepcynski earned himself a nickmane in my long list of MLB nicknames (idea for a future post!),  Zippy.  Zippy might be the most clever thing I’ve thought of in while. lol. Not Really.  For one thing, it is easier to say than his full last name, and for another, it can help other casual fans avoid the mental aggrevation of trying to concoct a word out of those oddly sequenced letters.

So, positive start for Zippy, I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen from the young pitcher so far.  Jays lose two games to the Yanks.  Bummer, but they were hard-fought games and I like our chances in our next series coming up against the Orioles of Baltimore. 

Joe Carter Called Me!  Me!

Friday night kicks off the ’92-’93 World Series Champion reunion series against the O’s.  I will be in attendance for the Friday game, I believe?  Today, I got an odd phone call from acarter copy.jpg (416) Toronto number during my Timmie Hortons coffee and a donut break at work.  Who was it?  None other than Joe Carter on a pre-recorded message personally inviting me to game on Friday!  I said to the electronic device “Joe!  Your callin me?  I lov .. think you were a good player ๐Ÿ™‚ … you can count me in!”  I also thought since Carter invited me to an event, maybe I can invite him to dinner or something one day?  We could have some great ‘Jays talk’ over a steak or something?  Carter looks like the kind of guy that enjoys a good steak.  To me at least.  We will see if I can get a little ‘bromance‘ with Joe Carter after this?  I still can’t believe he called me, even if that wasn’t really him.                     


  1. Jane Heller

    First of all, I wish I’d known your pitcher’s nickname was Zippy. It would have saved me from trying to figure out how to say and spell it! He pitched very well tonight, and I was impressed. It was only the bullpen that let the Jays down. And LOL about getting the phone call from Carter!!! I would definitely have invited the recorded message to dinner! Have fun at the reunion. Sounds like fun.

  2. welikeroywelikeroy


    Well, it is a nickname I gave him, so I wouldn’t put too much into it. However, it is quite fun to watch the and yell, “Go Zippy!” or “Darn Zippy.”

    Ya, I need to come prepared for that reunion. Also, I hope I can get some good pictures.

  3. 10234

    Hey Jeremy, its Steve the guy you commented on with the rebuilding. Thanks for the comment and you have alot of cool topics we can relate on!

    I’ll check back soon!

  4. diamondgirl55

    Just wanted to let you know that people thought your comment was hilarious and we all enjoyed it. The part where you said “I’m glad you didn’t get eaten” cracked a lot of people up :] And yes, I’m glad I didn’t get eaten either but I’m assuming it was close because she was hungry, 5’10-ish and I’m maybe 5’3 on a good day. Hehe. Plus if I got eaten I wouldn’t be able to read YOUR blogs that I enjoy so thank goodness. :]
    I am in adoration of the nickname Zippy. SO CUTE. And the phone call from Joe Carter? SWEEEEEEET! Bromance is right!

  5. welikeroywelikeroy


    Ya, I thought it was a nice touch. I really feel like I know Joe now … on a more personal level.


    I liked it too! It worked on me, as I attended the game last night.


    You are the man with the rebuild plan … lol. I like to rhyme. Keep it up!


    lol! Isn’t it just fun to say! Woo Zippy! and Dang Zippy! I can’t wait till his next start.


    Thank you for the nice comments. The whole airplane situation you had on your way to Portland made me laugh, so I thought I’d make a funny comment.

    I hope Rzepcynski pans out into a fine Major Leaguer, because I really like the name as well.

    I’m still in awe over the fact that Joe Carter actually called me, even though it was a pre-recorded message. I’m a sucker for that kind of marketing I guess. How could I not be? He is a Blue Jay ledgend!

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