MATT HOLLIDAY!!!!! Man, Halladay is a different story

In case you were wondering about the over use of CAPS and the exclaimation marks, Matt Holliday was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals today for promising thrid base prospect Brett Wallace.  What relevance does this have to a Toronto Blue Jay fan?? 

None whatsoever, but it stop some ill informed people from calling in to a Toronto sports radio station and asking, “Who did we get for him?”  Obviously confusing Holliday with Halladay.

There you have the Toronto baseball fan.  Always great comedy.  

I’m suddenly growing a very bleak outlook on the Jays future.  With or without Halladay that is.  Recanting on what I posted earlier, trading Halladay is not as BIG MISTAKE of a mistake as I put it earlier considering Halladay will likely leave in 2010 if he Jays aren’t competing.  I personally don’t see them competing in 2010, so we pretty much have to pull the trigger on this deal.  Extremely sad to say, but true.  A bitter, bitter truth that is.  I would have liked them to hold onto the Doctor for that year, but now that all this has started in the media – there in no turning back.  It is obvious that these trade rumours will not stop until a deal is done.   

Oh well, I missed my chance to see the Jays in the playoffs when I was 12 years old.  What I didn’t know is that I’d still be waiting till I was 27 to see it happen!  With Halladay being traded, no doubt that I’ll be waiting past my 30th birthday to see October baseball again in Toronto.

Wasn’t it untill last year that the Yankees lost the A.L. East for the first time in 13 years???  Awwwww … poor babies!!!  

Should have played this whole thing cooler J.P.  That is all I have to say to him.  

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  1. juliasrants

    Great post homer! The whole Halladay – should we, could we, would we thing really could have been handled better. I hope whatever the end result is it works out best for all involved. And keep the faith! Do you know how many years I waited between playoff appearances? 🙂


  2. indians

    Seems like the asking price is a little to steep from the Mets turning down a offer and now the Phillies. The Indians are in a similar situation with Lee and Martinez, but we have a club option on both for the 2010 season. It’s hard to see the Indians competing with out Lee and or Martinez in 2010.

  3. welikeroywelikeroy


    Ya. I don’t know how??? Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball, and a player like none other. I personally would salavate over my club getting Halladay close a pennant race!!! The Phils apparently rejected Drabek, Happ, and Dominic Brown. I don’t think that is too much to ask for Doc. In fact, I believe it to be slightly not enough.

  4. raysfanboy

    I think that Halladay changed the game when he said he would not sign an extension with the Jays. Up to that point, there was hope that he would stick around. Now, I don’t know. If he doesn’t move at the deadline then he might be gone in the offseason. As I said somewhere else (can’t remember b/c all this trade talk is running together) getting two young SPs and a position player (probably 3B for the old Rolen) would be a great move for you guys. Halladay is amazing, but he’ll be worth nothing to you at the end of 2010.

  5. raysrenegade

    I have to tell you, if the trade chatter is getting to Halladay, you had better have someone chatter right next to him before his next start.
    More and more it is looking like he might stay, but people within the Rays have told me that it is up to 4 teams now.
    But let’s forget that. I want to chat about the great pitcher’s duel we saw Friday night.
    Halladay and Garza put on a huge show, and it really did not matter who won, it was the fight I will remember.
    Halladay has now been in two games in his career where he and another pitcher both got mega strikeouts.
    The first was against future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson when he wore pinstripes.
    Last night he pitched against a guy who might dominate in the AL for years to come, Matt Garza.
    What was so amazing js how the game flowed so beautifully, how majestic each made the game feel last night, and how the end result was a pleasure to both teams fans.
    If that was Halladay’s last start, he left it all on the field for the Jays. If not, he will do it again in 5 days.

    Rays Renegade

  6. Jane Heller

    I can only imagine how annoying it must be to hear the constant chatter about Halladay (and Holliday – hahaha). The situation should be resolved soon though. I hope so for your sake. It must be quite a distraction for the team. But don’t give up on the Jays!

  7. Erin Kathleen

    I sympathize with Jays fans. It’s tough to hear all of this speculation about your best player, and if his next appearance with the team will be his last. It’s like being held hostage. And it makes matters even worse when your team isn’t playing well on top of it. At least that way you have good baseball to watch as a distraction from all the bullsh**.-Erin

  8. diamondgirl55

    You guys are totally going to kick our *sses this series! SOB :[ I knew Felix had to lose sooner or later but that hurt. You guys crushed our ace and so we have nothing better to put on the line. Plus we get to face Halladay, GREAT! Sad, sad days :[ But at least one of us is happy, right? :]

  9. Elizabeth D.

    Nice picture at the end there, and I can definitely see the confusion between Halladay and Holliday, especially someone like me with undiagnosed dyslexia. I hope it all works out for the best for the Jays and Halladay.


    They could get a ton for Halladay right now but I still think they should hold onto him. Trading the face of your franchise could cripple it even if it brings in top prospects. If Rios and Wells didn’t have horrible contracts I would think they would look to move those two. Maybe they can turn it around next year.

  11. welikeroywelikeroy


    I think it is a situation where we are darned if we do, and darned if we don’t. Rios and Wells will underachieving in our lineup either way, so there is no real hope as long as they are with us. I’d like to see the Jays go for it with Doc in 2010, because I don’t think we can rejuvenate this team either way.


    I might also have that. If you haven’t noticed already, lol! I make a lot neglectful grammar mistakes.


    It has been tough. I can only imagine what the team is thinking. Based on the Jays recent performance, its probably not good. Everyone who has ever played with Doc, knows he is special. Definately very sad to see him caught in this.


    If we were playing well, then we probably wouldn’t be talking about a trade. Doc sees some good things happening in Toronto, but it looks like he doesn’t want to wait past 2010. If we keep him, that will be a big year!!!!

    Red State,

    I do hate it. It seems like we are forcing Halladay out by speculating, and pressing questions on him all the time. We should be forcing Halladay out!!! J.P. starting this whole media craze. I wish he hadn’t


    Garza seems to aways bring his ‘A’ game against the Jays. He seems to be one of those pitcher that has to be in rhythum to succeed. He certainly had his stuff working. We’ve seen a couple good Halladay/Garza battles as I can recall. Although, everytime we play the Rays it seems to be a close game.

  12. diamondgirl55

    Oh please, you guys had superb performance and I can see and admit to that :] Plus I knew you’d be reading so I thought I’d be extra nice…hehe just joking, I truly meant every compliment I gave to you guys.
    As far as last night, wow I have no idea how Ichiro hit that. I quoted you on my new entry, I hope you’re ok with that. :] That pitch was nasty and I have no idea if Ichiro has luck or skill but thank goodness we avoided a sweep. Just for my heart’s sake. :]
    Wow I am so excited for tonight’s game, aren’t you???

  13. diamondgirl55

    Ok so…you had to have expected me to come knocking on your door today right? :] I’m gonna go ahead and do a little victory dance…*dancing*…but all in good fun. Seriously, it was so cool to see Halladay pitching and damn he is so good! I really hope that wasn’t his last game as a Blue Jay. :[ I don’t know what it is with us but we’ve been pretty lucky throughout this whole series. Rowland-Smith and Griffey winning the game? Unlikely. Like I said (and your skipper said), two bad pitches normally doesn’t cost anything but this time it did and the M’s were LUCKY! xoxo

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