Halladay News … Maybe it is a Trick??

The past couple of weeks have been very humbling for me and the Toronto Blue Jay franchise.  I’ve been tied down with late hours at work, and the Jays have virtually given up on the season after being belittled in the majority of 10 crucial games against the Yankees and Rays.  I can’t really blame those losses on anything – it was just a good, old fashion beating we took from some very good clubs.  The players that impressed me those series were Jeff Niemann of the Rays, who looks like a very good young pitcher with a live fastball and great slow curve and Hideki Matsui of the Yankees, who started out rough, but looks to be turning it on now.  

For the Blue Jays it is the same old story – we show glimpses of competing, but end up falling out of contention.  Seen this before.  The solution, for many in this circumstance, is to trade our best player with the shortest contract status.  A solution that – to the dismay of most Jay fans – has not been taken advantage of in past years.  Two years ago the Jays elected re-sign Vernon Wells when they had sureshot deal in place for Ervin Santana of the Angels.  We also elected extend Alex Rios after a ‘flash in the pan’ 2007 season.  2007 saw Rios hit peak value, almost garnering a trade for 2008 NL Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.   To make a long story short, Rios has not nearly lived up to his performance in ’06 and ’07.  He and Vernon Wells have combined to account for a ‘big waste’ in the Blue Jays payroll.  Not to mention B.J. ‘freakin 15 Million for nothing’ Ryan!!!!  But I disgress. 

Blue Jay fans I feel your frustration.  I feel the pain, and I know how in this situation, a trade of Roy Halladay might be a solution.  I can see that, but I do not agree with it.  

I strongly believe that this way of thinking is a ‘BIG MISTAKE’ for the club.  We are just going to have to eat this one!  Of the numberous wastes of payroll, mention previously, Halladay is not one of them.  He won’t be one of them for a very longtime now.  Halladay is a surefire Ace, and it is not like we can’t afford him?  Halladay is money well spent.  Trading Halladay would be punishment for the previous mistakes with Wells and Rios.  It would seriously pain me to be stuck with them, and gone with Halladay.  The pain would be overwhelming. 

Wells, Rios, Overbay and even Ryan (having to eat Ryan contract for next year) won’t come off our books for a while now.  Yes, I understand the frustration.  We are stuck with those guys for at least another 2 or 3 years.  We have to eat it!  Whatever pitcher we get in return for Halladay, will most certainly not be on Halladay’s level, and whatever hitter we aquire will probably take some time to pan out in the bigs.  Halladay is a fan favorite, an amazingly well respected player and a guy with the heart of a champion.  The Jays will lose fans over this, no doubt.  If Roy actually asks for a trade, then that is another thing, but I think it would be a mistake not at least to try and invest in a player of his caliber. 

Talk about irony!  A couple days before ‘the J.P. possibly shopping Halladay story’ broke, I personally made an investment in Halladay.  A pretty big investment considering these circumstances. 


I bought a lifesized Fathead’ wall poster of Halladay for my room.  I know ladies, you love the room, lol.  I was all about to post on here about how cool my room looks now until the news broke.  Not so cool after this happened.  What am I going to do with this if Halladay gets traded?  It actually cost me over 100 bucks U.S. charged to my credit card.  If I can make that kind of investment in a Jays player, the club should do the same!

I’m a man torn between my love the Jays and my admiration for … who am I kidding?  Love for Halladay!  I’ve come to the conclusion that I will become a temporary fan of whatever team he gets traded to.  ‘Doc’ will always be my favorite player of all time, and I will resent the Jays for trading him.  How long?  I don’t know?  I can’t tell you all how upset I am over this whole situation.  If Halladay gets traded, that enormous Fathead in my room will no doubt haunt and torture me for the rest of my life.  Maybe I’m being a little too dramatic now, but I’m pretty upset!  And the fact that this whole thing broke a couple days after I placed this poster on my wall!!!  Really upsetting!  Everything I love leaves that wall anyway.  Are the Blue Jays purposefully trying hurt me as a fan?  That is my question!   

Maybe It Is Trick

If I can take one positive away from this situation – it is the way teams all across baseball are gushing over the opportunity to get Halladay.  They are all talking about how good he is, what they do to get him, and how if they did get him, they’d be propelled immediately to World Champion status.  Yes, Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays is awesome, better than any pitcher you have!  You need him.  You really do.  Thank you for validating that! … One thing though … ‘Ha, ha suckas you can’t have you him!‘   

We just tricked every contending team in MLB to annointing Halladay the best pitcher in baseball.  Thank you for all those kind words.  He is the greatest, we are glad we have him!

I hope J.P. is pulling that trick, because that is what I would do if I were him!  It would be a good consolation for the fans a struggling sub-.500 team.

On a Brighter Note

I got to go a game the other week and sit in the best seats I’ve ever sat in at a game.  I was directly above the Jays dugout – few feet away from the team.  My older brother Chris, where I get most of my baseball knowledge from, got a ball thrown to him from Blue Jay first base coach Dwanye Murphy.  There he is (below) admiring our seats. 


 The Jays ended up losing a hard fought game to the Cinnicinati Reds.  Toronto native Joey Votto didn’t endear himself to Blue Jays fans going 4 for 5, with a homerun that night.  Anyway, amazing seats!  I felt like a king, and I ate great burrito after the game a place call Burrito Banditos on Blue Jay Way I believe. 



  1. mattpeas

    I was shocked when I heard the Jays were shopping Roy. It could be a trick, maybe just a way to get Halladay to agree to an extension. However, you gotta know the payout will be big. Its not gonna be like a Pirate trade where you get just prospects in return. You’ll get real deal players for Halladay.


  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    It is hard to make a trade for a player of Halladay’s caliber. We definately lose a hole right away by trading him. No ace pitcher on our staff. Hard to make those holes up. We have to get another Ace pitching prospect. The Jays really messed themselves with big contracts to Rios and Wells. Those are the guys that need to come off the books. Not Halladay. It is a tough situation, I love Halladay so I’m a little bias. The Jays would be a trading a can’t miss player, and a fan favorite, so the deal would better have an immediate impact.


  3. crazy19canuck

    Speaking as a Canadian baseball fan….
    Yes – let this be a joke. Ha Ha Ha… you had your fun Riccardi. April Fool’s is long gone, dude. I’m not laughing, in case you were wondering.

    Speaking as a fan of a rival AL East team…
    If you want a shot at the playoffs, this is a STUPID move. Plain and simple. Roy IS the Jays. Deal with it. Heck, even I would get tickets just to see him play. He’s THAT good.


  4. Jane Heller

    I think you’re so right and the Jays shouldn’t trade Halladay because of the Wells/Rios contracts. He’s your ace. Keep him and find another way to cut payroll. He’s the anchor of the team. How can they unload him? It doesn’t make sense to me, as much as I’d love to have him in pinstripes.


  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Exactly Ginny!

    People pay to see Halladay, and only Halladay! I personally have been to at 10 Blue Jay games knowing he was going to start! Trading Halladay sets the team back 3 years. I don’t want the Jays to rebuild without Halladay. We have to eat this one, and come back strong the second half, and next season. Hopefully our BAD investment will pan out!


    Doesn’t make sense to me either. We are getting value from Halladay. Him and Scott Rolen are the only players that we are getting bang for our buck! We have to keep our good investment, and part with our bad.

  6. crazy19canuck

    Jeremy – question for you. Did Lind get many votes? He’s been a pretty powerful hitter so far.

  7. welikeroywelikeroy


    The answer is no … unfortunately. Among the 5 players in the final American League vote, Adam Lind finished last. Probably because Lind is flying a little under the radar this season, not many people outside Toronto have heard of him. Another reason would be because the Jays have fallen relatively out of contention this year, and the buzz about the team in the city is no longer present.

    Lind has better numbers than many of those guys. Hitting over .300 with 19 homers. He should have gotten more votes. I voted for him until I had to go to work the next morning. My mom did the same! I feel I could have done better though.


  8. raysfanboy

    Just don’t go buying that Halladay jersey just yet. That might come back to bite you.

    I don’t see the Jays moving the best pitcher in baseball. It isn’t often that the “best” anything changes teams in baseball. CC wasn’t the best, he was just good last year. Arod was the best, but his contract was ridonkulous. So you guys’ll keep Halladay and he will continue to haunt all teams in the AL East (except the Rays–we have his number this year!).

  9. Erin Kathleen

    I hear ya, I went through the same thing when Johan Santana trade rumors started to swirl. And you’re right: it’s not worth it. We didn’t get anything in that trade equal to one of the best pitchers in baseball. Not even close. Yes, Halladay is worth a lot in prospects, but the Jays won’t get it. Not when he’s that close to free agency. Most of the teams who could actually afford him would rather wait until he becomes a free agent and then try to sign him, instead of giving up a ton of prospects.
    The Jays are in a little better position with Halladay than the Twins were with Santana, though. There was no way we were ever going to be able to afford to keep him, so the front office was left with little choice. The Jays have a much better shot at extending Doc. I hope they do it.

  10. metmainman

    If I owned the Blue Jays, I would fire JP Ricciardi. Too many bad contracts. I would give him one last chance though with Halladay. I think Halladay should be held onto until the trade deadline next year when premium value can be attained.

  11. raysrenegade

    I was chatting with someone from the Rays front office when he got the news on Ryan.
    I guess it was easier to eat $ 15 million than to keep the guy since the Cubbies like him.
    Guess he was not worth the two weeks hold to speak with the Cubs.
    J P Ricciardi came on this last road trip. I have been told that is not the usual stuff that happens.
    Maybe there is more guys like Alex Rios or Scott Rolen also on the table right now.
    But hopefully we can get this Halladay mess out of the way soon to get back to playing baseball with no interuptions.

    Rays Renegade


  12. welikeroywelikeroy

    Rays, Mets,

    That news about Ryan angers me more! The Cubs were actually willing to take on that contract!! A shocker to me, but I do believe your source. Anyone would have been good for Ryan? Jake Fox seems like a waste on their roster? He is probably too good though.

    I feel bad for Halladay being thrown into that media fire over the All-Star this week! Another move J.P. is taking heat for, since Halladay has never really been one for the limelight. It’d be great if we could move Rios or Wells to keep Halladay beyond 2010. The difficulty in that is pretty high, however ….

    From what I get seeing Halladay open up about the situation during the All Star week. I think he wants to stay with the Jays till his contract is up … he will give us that much. If we are not competing beyond that, Halladay will have no problem walking. It is not like Halladay is asking for a trade, but he does want to win, and who can blame him? Any effort for the Jays to extend him now, will probably be quelled by ‘Doc.’

    Looks like Ricciardi doesn’t have a choice in the situation. His contracts to Rios and Wells have not worked out! Wells and Rios are struggling, and the Jays as a team are struggling to compete. Parting with Halladay would be our pennance for those contracts. It is a price too steep for me as a Blue Jays fan – it will likely drive me crazy.

    I hope J.P. holds out another year to give winning with the ‘Doc’ a chance, even if that decreases his trade value.

    Anyway, I gotta give some credit to ya boy Joe Maddon this week!!! Picking Halladay to start the All-Star game was a remarkable decision!!! He is probably my second favorite manager in the league right now … behind Cito of course! Besides that, love how Maddon manages the team! He is definately a coach that makes a difference.


  13. iliveforthis

    I don’t really think it’d be a wise idea to get rid of Doc. I know that a writer for the Denver Post wanted to talk about bringing him back to Colorado, get the kid back to his roots, but he listed all these players we’d have to give up for him, including Brad Hawpe. My opinion, not worth it. Not that Halladay isn’t a pretty phenomenal player, but we need our run support. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this situation, because really, it’s a bad idea on the Jays part.

  14. crazy19canuck

    Too bad for the runs Halladay gave up, but he was there! And started the game, with Hill at second no less! Wonder if Scutaro will ever join them? Will the National League ever win, not with the breaks they are getting these days. At least it was a close game that didn’t go into extras and keep us up half the night!


  15. schleg

    I feel your pain as I have an autographed Roy Halladay Blue Jays Jersey framed on my wall. It is sad & frustrating to hear the rumours, but it just might be for the best. I agree, you can thank Venom Wells & Alexei (I like to tell off fans) Rios for the possiblility of Halladay being traded. I hope they feel shame. No they won’t, as they have no emotions.

  16. welikeroywelikeroy


    Crawford really showed up for the AL in the game. It really felt like the All-Star game was competitive this time around. I know we say that every year, but this year more than most.


    You said it! If we had one of those guys actually earning their paycheck, we’d definately be in contention.


    Very tough! I will be a lost Jays fan without Halladay. I don’t know where I’ll be???


    Thanks! It helpes to leave a post on here for around a week. You rack up the comments then. Some of these great bloggers get over 24 everyday!!!!!


    I’m very proud of my wall. I have cards of all my favorite Blue Jays of time past, a piece of ‘old turf’ from the Skydome of the early 90’s, BJ Birdie, McDonalds cups celebrating the Jays World Series’ and two autographed balls (one from Brandon League and the other Dustin McGowan). Other than that, bobbleheads, figurines, clocks … random stuff. I saw your Grady Sizemore pennet on your blog … Very cool!


    Ya, the Yankees or Red Sox shouldn’t be an option, but apparently they are according to J.P. For me, that would be a kick in the head if we gave Halladay to one of those teams. I saw Texas was possibly interested today!!! I hear great things about Justin Smoak … still won’t make me happy!!!! No smile here when I say that!


    Ya Halladay doesn’t usually like to be the center of attention like that. I think he handle extroadinarily well considering the ravenous, question-asking wolves around him.


    Another uniform on the Doc would be a sad vision. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Halladay in Denver of the teams interested.


    Hill played some stellar defense in the game. Too bad he when 0 for 4 at the plate.

  17. Jane Heller

    The rumors continue to swirl today, Jeremy. I couldn’t resist fantasizing about Doc in pinstripes myself. That said, the Jays’ GM has created a media storm on the subject. I hope he knows what he’s doing.


  18. rockymountainway

    Nothing against Halladay but the Rockies don’t need him. I mean it would be awesome to have him, but this idea the Rockies would be so much better with him is really in the numbers. He would win more games for them, but would it be worth the price. No. I agree with Emily that trying to take on a contract the size he would need and the constraints it would put on the organization would be way too much for the club. I like him and think he’s an excellent pitcher and think you’re crazy for dropping 100 big ones on a fathead! Good lord that could have scored you a very very nice jersey or more than a few good tics to the game! Say it aint so J!

  19. raysfanboy

    Where have you been!? We’re in a dogfight here! You gotta post to get your guys to beat those Sox! We can’t let them run away with the division!

    I think the Blue Jays will have a big say in who comes out of the East. They have alot of games left agains the top three teams.

  20. welikeroywelikeroy


    Maybe I just wanted myself to believe that it is a trick. Nice to all the attention shifted to my ‘favorite player of all-time,’ for a while. I like the attention focused on Doc, that is my favorite part of this whole thing. He deserves the attention! He is the best!


    I see that. The Rockies are rebuilding. Halladay would help them be competitive, but it would be hard for them to resign him post 2010.


    Maybe you are in a dogfight … lol! It didn’t help the Jays any, the last couple weeks when you kick our butts in two series!! The Jays are now 11 games out, and in very tough division to make up that kind of ground. I haven’t called the season wash yet, but I’m about to!


    I know both of those feelings! lol. It is nice to have the attention focused on them, but you’d rather it wasn’t for that reason. My ex used to get hit on all the time.


    And next season too! Doc in under contract for 2010 as well. If we trade Doc now, then Wells and Rios have amazing years in 2010. That would really be a kick in the teeth!!

  21. The Iceman

    Great post Jeremy! After watching him pitch today, all I can say is that it would be a disgrace to this franchise to get rid of Halladay. Even if they were to get two great prospects and a couple of major league ready players, it would all come down to a salary dump. The fan base here is already getting smaller every day, and while I don’t think attendance is much different when he pitches (OK, except for that Burnett game, AWESOME!!), he is still the face of the franchise. We all knew that this season was just a tune-up for next year when we were supposed to get Marcum and McGowan back. So what’s changed so much?? That unrealistic start to the season. Now that we are back to being a .500 team, we are considered a disappointment, when that’s what most people expected..just ask Cito. 🙂 So by trading Halladay, they think they can rebuild for the future? Good luck! Players like Halladay come by once in a lifetime, and if he goes, it’ll be hard to cheer for my favorite team any longer.

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