Scott the Rock, Marco the Spirit

“You are Scott the Rock, you are rockin and rollin.  I wanna rock with you all night and party everyday.” (quotation from a Scott Rolen fan that encounters his favorite player working at a drive-thru window in one of the very humourous Blue Jay advertisments this season.)

Scott Rolen has been a big suprise for the Blue Jays this season, hitting .325 and playing ‘rock solid’ defense at 3rd base.  Never do I doubt Rolen’s ability to make a play at third base when the ball is hit in his direction.  It is very reassuring to Jay’s starters to have a spectacular infielder like Rolen, especially during a Halladay start that often induces multiple groundballs.  This season, Rolen has made a notable transition at the plate from previous years.  He is hitting for a high average, but not nearly getting the power numbers that a player of his stature – when he is hitting for a high average – is accustomed to.  Rolen made a significant transition in his stance, and batting stroke this offseason.  He lowered his shoulder at the plate in response lingering problems in the area.  By doing this, Rolen was able to shorten his stroke, giving himself better timing and plate coverage.  The down side of that is keeping the shoulder high in a hitting position allows the batter the generate more power.  With Rolen’s shoulder problems, this was a fair trade-off as his average is now soaring to (if it keeps up) a career high.  Homeruns can definately be overrated.  The new compact hitting and durable Scott Rolen is having a great impact on the team now.  Can he keep it up?  Cue mon!!!  He is a rock!  Que Bob Segar here … ‘Like a rock.’ 

Rock copy.jpg 

Marco Scutaro made one of the most ‘heads up’ plays that I’ve seen in a long time yesterday in Philadelphia.  On a ball four from Phillies starting pitcher, Joe Blanton, Scutaro alertly stole second base seeing that Blanton and the Phillies middle infield of Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley were not paying attention.  How he did it?  I don’t know?  But with plays like that, you can definately tell the competitive drive that Scutaro possesses.  He works works walk, gets on base, steals, and earns everything he gets.  A very fine season Marco Scutaro is having, and I think All-Star consideration is not off limits to him.  Here is an earlier derivative design of Scutaro that applies as much today, as it did when I made it last season.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Scutaro copy.jpg 

To conclude.  Go Jays!  Way to sweep the World Champs!          


  1. juliasrants

    Great job by the Jays! I love it when there is heads up basing running. More players should pay attention to the game and play like that. I knew YOU would know who Bobby Orr was on my blog! I just wasn’t sure if some of my younger readers would.


  2. raysrenegade

    I have to admit, the Jays have gotten some fantastic results from their infield this season.
    Marco Scutaro is having a banner year and should get some serious consideration for the All-Star squad.
    Scott Rolen is looking comfortable over on the third baseline this year and is beginning to stroke it like we knew he could for the Jays.
    The next 90-some games will be interesting in the AL East. There are some serious talent trying to pace their team to the top this year, and for the next four years this might be the best division in the game.
    But as always, we will see more soon as the A L East foes will begin to see each other more in a few weeks.
    Glad to see the Jays holding strong.

    Rays Renegade

  3. Jane Heller

    The Jays have been incredible, Jeremy. Now they have a real test with Halladay and the others on the DL. I was sincerely sorry to hear about Doc. He’s been having a Cy Young season so far, and I hope he’s back on the mound soon. (Just not against the Yanks!)

  4. welikeroywelikeroy


    Bobby Orr was great, I’m glade that you mentioned him in a post.

    I can’t believe that we haven’t even played the Rays yet this season! I got the feeling we are going to see a lot of each other from now on though.


    You are right about that. Although Scutaro was actually awarded a stolen base for his effort, good baserunning cannot really be tracked statistically. You just know the guys that are good at it. Scutaro definately being one of them.


    We’ve only played 3 games against the Yanks so far. I think that we are in for some epic battles.

  5. raysrenegade

    I have June 29th red letter dated on my calendar.
    We come up to visit the Jays that weekend for some 3 day fun in the cooler climate.
    I am a bit scared of facing Aaron Hill right now, plus Alex Rios and his mohawk.

    Rays Renegade

  6. Todo

    I’m a Phillies fan, and Scott Rolen is one of my all-time favorite players. He is one of the best defensive 3B to play the game (when healthy), and if it weren’t for the injuries, he’d probably end up being one of the best 3B ever to play the game. He was that good coming up with the Phils. Its great to see him do well again!

    That Scutaro play was a great head ups play by Marco Scutaro, and embarrassing for the Phils.

  7. welikeroywelikeroy


    The Jays/Rays division contests have really been exciting the past couple of years. Epic battles!!! You guys won some very close games against us last year, and robbed Halladay of a win on a couple of occasions. You are right, Hill has been our best hitter this season, but I too am scared of facing Longoria with the lefthanded heavy Jays pitching rotation. I’ve noticed that Longoria eats lefties.


    I was honestly surprised at how great Rolen was defensively. Jays pitchers love him! He kinda went under my radar playing the NL all those years. I knew he swung a good bat. I think Rolen is going to set a career make with batting average this season, given his new approach at the plate that I previously mentioned.

  8. jobrown

    Hi Jeremy,

    what do you think about Jason Bay turning American? Even though that does not necessarily mean that he denies his roots for some, I gotta admit it was some kind of a shock for me.

  9. welikeroywelikeroy

    Hey hobrunel,

    Thank you for the question. A lot of Canadians who make it famous in the U.S. – and most importantly start making big money down there – obtain citizenship. Bay hasn’t denounced his Canadian citizenship, so I believe that he is still a dual-citizen. I don’t blame him seeking citizenship in the states considering his situation. His wife and kids are American citizens. He is no more different to me than Jim Carey, or Mike Myers in that way. If I had the chance to make big money in the U.S., you could bet that I’d be looking into it too.

    However, what would REALLY erk me is if Bay decided to compete internationally for the U.S. in the World Baseball Classic. That would be even worse than Brett Hull (probably the biggest traitor in Canadian hockey history). At least Hull had a legitimate reason to play for the U.S. The first time around, he couldn’t make the Canada team, so he jumped ship. Bay would have no excuse, and it would just be a very low move on his behalf.

    You could pretty much guarentee that most Canadians would hate Jason Bay if he did that. This citizenship thing though, happens all the time. No big deal.

  10. Erin Kathleen

    Jeremy,I meant to congratulate you on graduating college much sooner, but I’ve been having some computer problems. So congratulations! It must be such a relief to finally be done with all that! And good luck with whatever it is you decide to do in your future.-Erin

  11. crazy19canuck

    Hey Jeremy!
    Marco Scutaro and Scott Rolen are just getting too good! Man, Rolen can really play. And Romero is really getting attention now. Doc is still the best the Jays have, but he is heading up a great rotation. It’ll be scary next year when Marcum is back…and Litch and McGowan. Oh Man, I don’t even want to think about it!

  12. crazy19canuck

    How many ways can we say “Don’t trade Halladay!” Are the odors of the garbage strike getting to them in the front office?

  13. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’m really upset over the whole thing. Trading Halladay would set us back at least another 3 years, and maybe even more depending on whoever the Jays get out of the deal. Right now Halladay and Rolen are the only good assets taking up the majority of our payroll. When he is gone, the Jays will have 70 million dollars worth of overpay garbage for at least another 3 years.

    I’d really hate and resent the Jays for trading Halladay. Of course I’m a little bias, ‘Doc’ being my favorite player of all-time. In my estimation, anyone we’d get for him, wouldn’t be worth it.

  14. raysfanboy

    Rolen is really having quite a season. You are right that sometimes HRs can be overrated. But, there is something to the thought that you have to get your power from your corners.

    The Jays are unique in that they are getting their power up the middle with Scutaro and Hill. Not many teams can boast that.

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