Roy Halladay = Cy Young divided by Zach Greinke and Cliff Lee

A couple days after the Blue Jays shelacked Roy Halladay‘s early Cy Young competition, Kansas City Royals ace Zach Greinke, Halladay showed a struggling Kansas City team what a Cy Young is really made of.  Halladay lead the Jays to a 4-0 win in a complete game shutout. More impressive is the fact that we are barely past two months into the 2009 season, and Halladay already has 10 wins.

Greinke, on the other hand, has 8 wins.  The 5 earned runs he allowed off Toronto bats put Halladay right with Greinke, I’d argue, in terms of ‘Cy Young consideration.’  Greinke still maintains a ridiculously low ERA, at 1.55, but Halladay is now inching a bit closer with a very respectable 2.52 ERA. 

It is commonly known that everyone looks at ERA and Win/Loss record in consideration for the Cy Young, above anything else.  This was evident in the Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee Cy Young vote last year.  Halladay was far superior to Lee in strikeouts, innings pitched, complete games and WHIP, but none of that was taken into consideration, as Lee won the vote by a considerable margin based on his 22-3 record and 2.54 ERA.  Great numbers yes!  However, if you look at what Halladay did last year in those other catergories, you might think twice about the selection of Lee, not to mention the lack of run support Halladay got from a weak hitting Jays team last year.   

This year Halladay is off a roaring start in terms of maintaining a great ERA and Win/Loss record.  He really should have 12 wins, being let down by the Blue Jays bats twice during a 9-game-losing streak the Jays suffered coninciding with Halladay starts in Baltimore and Atlanta, but I digress.

Considering how Halladay can pile up wins – often completing the games he pitches – I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t win 25 games this season?  In 1892, Cy Young won 36 games in a season, and completed 48 of his starts, so Young obviously likes pitchers that win a lot of games and complete them.

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  1. thatbaseballguy

    In the close race for the All Star starting pitching spot, Halladay gets my vote over Greinke. Both are having stellar seasons but Halladay is having a little better of one than Greinke. Maybe next year for Greinke.

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Thanks for coming by Dillon. We still have a month and a half to go, so a lot can happen. Awesome that you are already giving the edge to the Doc. I like that!

    I’d cut a deal though. Greinke could have the All Star start, if Doc could get the Cy. I wonder what the Zach would say??

  3. fishfins

    Halladay has been an absolute beast this year! I watched a lot of that game yesterday, and it’s impressive how he bears down when runners get on base. Of course, he has done this for years already, but it seems like he is on a mission to lead the Jays into contention this year. I hope he keeps it up!

  4. welikeroywelikeroy


    You are right about getting players out with runners on base. The movement on Halladay’s cutter and sinker usually translates to a lot of double plays.

    Painting the black,

    Ya, it is a shame because when you put that much emphasis on the win/loss record, things like run support should really be considered. Halladay had terrible run support in particular games in 2008.


    Thanks for the nice words about Halladay. Sabathia is starting to come around for you guys now, so the Cy competition might be getting a new addition.


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  5. Erin Kathleen

    Yeah, Doc definitely got robbed last year. Cliff Lee wasn’t an awful choice, he was having a great season, but Halladay is definitely the better pitcher stuff-wise. Plus, I don’t like the Indians and I don’t want them to win anything. Greinke’s going to be tough to beat, but the Jays should get Doc more wins than the Royals will give their ace. That’s really the only stat the BBWAA seems to care about, anyway.-Erin

  6. crazy19canuck

    Doc is the man! I hope he can keep going all year. I got to watch Romero pitch in May, but with 2 more games i’ll be at this summer – I really hope Roy can pitch one of them. That game with 14 Ks was amazing to watch. He’ll get an All Star spot with no problem at this rate, and hopefully get that Cy Young this year…he should’ve have had it last year. I hope the other starters are taking note. Sorry to hear about Litch.


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