He is my Favorite Player

Roy Halladay I am falling in love with you.  Wait!  I mean you are really good baseball player.  I mean I’m in love with you as a baseball player.  Alright, alright … I just needed something to get your attention.

I know Roy Halladay.  Although I’ve never actually met him, I know that Halladay is not really a premier strikeout pitcher.  However, Monday night Roy Halladay struckout 14 en route to a 6-4 Blue Jay win over the Angels at Rogers Centre.

The way that ‘Doc’ usually cuts and sinks the ball, he often gets the more majority of his outs pitching contact.  Tonight was different.  Halladay had his stuff working impecably, catching a great number of Angels looking at strike three.

If you don’t get to watch Halladay pitch on consistant basis, you are really missing something!  Let me tell you … it is something special to watch him pitch!  If Halladay comes to your town?  BUY THOSE TICKETS!  You don’t even have to be a Jays fan, just a baseball fan.  Is Halladay a ‘surefire’ Hall of Famer yet?  Probably not, but if he keeps this up throughRoy copy.jpg his prime?  He definately will be – and wouldn’t you rather see him at this point in his career than after he has aged a little???     

The man simply ‘brings it’ every night he pitches!   He goes right after hitters with moving fastballs that he knows are difficult to hit, he wants to complete every game until he is sure the Jays have won and the intensity he displays on the mound is unmatched by any PLAYER I ever seen play the game – or any player I’ve seen play any ANY GAME for that matter!  Halladay controls and (baseball term) commands his pitches, like he controls and (not a baseball term) commands the game.  More often than not, you will see a masterpiece on the mound.  Tonight ‘Doc’ achieved a career high in strikeouts with 14.  It makes me proud to be a fan of him everytime someone enquires about “how good he is, and how much they would want him on their team!”   

What else can you say about Halladay??  A leader … Yes!  A winner … Yes (best winning percentage in baseball for a pitcher over the past 5 years or so).  Other than that, it has been an honour and a privledge to him pitch for the last 11 years.  I didn’t see his very first start, but I remember second one.  Most Blue Jay fans don’t forget the near no-hitter that was broken up Bobby Higginson of Tigers on the last game of the season.           


  1. gregemb

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Halladay is a throwback to the days when starters had the mindset that they were going to go nine. I’m sure he didn’t want to turn this one over to the bulpen after they blew that 8-3 lead for him in Baltimore. Absolutely one of my favorite players in baseball.

  2. Erin Kathleen

    Doc is about the best there is, you guys are really lucky to have him. The best part about pitchers like Halladay is that you can be reasonably certain the team is going to win when it’s his turn in the rotation. That is a good feeling, indeed.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  3. mattpeas

    as i always looking through my old stacks of baseball cards i found a halladay rookie card. it is now on display in my room and is one of my favorite cards….whats this about designing a baseball card for my blog?


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