MLBlog fan card #2 … Rocky Mountain Way

For the second of the MLBlog fan card collection, Tom, over at Rocky Mountain Way offered an action picture of him making a leaping catch against the wall at Dodger Stadium.  When I first saw the picture I thought, “Is that Otis Nixon?”  But it looked nothing like the ex-Brave/Blue Jay, so I guess I was fooled. 

Tom is currently on his “Baseball Across America” trip, where he is trying to visit as many ballparks as he can.  I wish much success to him on his journey.  Maybe he might be coming to a ballpark near you?  If so?  Take this with you to get his autograph.

MLBlog_card_TomRock copy.jpg


Wow, can’t say I know who Orko or Kinger is?  Someone is going to have to inform me on that?

Remember that if you want a card of your own?  All I need is:

1. a desirable high quality photo of you to be feature on the front of your card.

information for the back of the card. (these are the field I chose to
use for the back)  Age, Profession, Favorite Team, Favorite Player,
Highest Ranking, Favorite Entry, Memorable Quote from an Entry
etc….)  Or a catergory of your choosing???

If you are
interested?  Please contact me with all of this information.  My email
is, or just leave a comment for me.

you are very satisified and want a printed copy of your own?  Send me your
address and I can work on getting some printed and sent to you!  Again
my email is for that.  Again, I’m doing this as fun, free and voluntary endeavour.  It is what I like to do, so don’t hesitate if you want one?


  1. rockymountainway

    I’d be Otis Nixon if I could have like a quarter of the money he made in MLB! Maybe He-Man wasn’t big in Canada but that’s the Orko Kringer reference : ) Nice work. For the record I caught the ball…I think for fun I’ll set up a table at some ballpark and sit behind it with a sharpie and a set of these cards. Should make for some good writing. And yes I follow Jane’s question on the cost and such for these awesome collector’s items? People always ask me for contact info at ballgames after they hear my story and this would be the perfect thing to give out. Nice work as usual J.

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