Jays Suffer “The Roadtrip from Hel**”

9 straight losses now have a young and previously confident Jays team rethinking themselves.  The team cannot look this as the end of the world, we need to rebound with a good home series against the Red Sox and keep competing.  Ya, it was a very bad strech, but baseball is all about losing.  No team will ever win all 164 games, no player will ever get a hit at every at-bat throughout those games and no pitcher will go a season without allowing a hit.

Very bad road-trip though, I feel like I am sitting in a ‘ring of fire’ with frustration right now!  Cito probably can relate.  So much anger after the last game in Baltimore.  Briefly, the Jays blew a 5-run lead in the 8th, took a two-run lead back in extra-innings and ending up blowing that!  Very frustrating!  Makes your blood boil watching that.  “Serenity now,” I tell ya!

Thumbnail image for RoadTrip copy.jpg

Remember if you want me to make a card for you (see posts below), don’t hestitate to give me some of your information, and I’d be glad to do it!  The info doesn’t really get too personal, and if it does, you can just leave those parts out, or make up new catergories for your card???  I want to compile a collection.  I’m even willing to have them printed for you, if you choose??       


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