Fans Deserve Baseball Cards


As many of you already know, I am semi-keen collector of baseball cards.  As a kid, I always liked to have them around, I used them as bookmarks, a little bathroom reading, etc …  Today I embarked on actually making baseball card …. for myself!!!  I thought why can’t fans have baseball cards made after them??  Then I though of a place where the greatest baseball fans reside.  Right here!

So, I made a baseball card of myself as an All-Star fan blogger.  I am currently in process of getting it printed, turns out it is really not that expensive.  I would like to design a collection of cards for bloggers on this site.  I am even willing to get them printed and sent to you free of charge!!  If you desire???  Don’t worry, this is what I like to do for fun!!  

All I would need is:

1. a desirable high quality photo of you to be feature on the front of your card.

2. information for the back of the card. (these are the field I chose to use for the back)  Age, Profession, Favorite Team, Favorite Player, Highest Ranking, Favorite Entry, Memorable Quote from an Entry etc….)  Or a catergory of your choosing???


Here is the photo for the front of the card that I made today.  The card that would be making for those interested would be of a similar format, with different colors, fonts etc …  Not much of a difference from this actually card. (note: not visible are the white borders that surround these cards). 
MLBlog_card_me copy.jpg 

Here I am in my room beside my little shrine to the Blue Jays.  I’m always working on expanding it.  The bottom left corner I actually have a piece of the old Skydome astroturf.

MLBlog_card_me_back copy.jpg 

If you are interested?  Please contact me with all of this information.  My email is, or just leave a comment for me.

If you are very satisified and want a copy of your own?  Send me your address and I can work on getting some printed and sent to you!  Again my email is for that.  This should be a lot of fun.


Jeremy Homer 


  1. Jane Heller

    I’m totally in. I’ll send you my info. Years ago, they used to make cards for fans at Yankee Stadium and I still have mine. They put you in front of a background of a crowd and gave you a bat to hold. It was cool!


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