A Series NOT to Remember

Over these past two months, the Blue Jays have been ‘red hot’ and showing great confidence in all aspects of the game. It would be easy for this team to get discouraged – after really playing great baseball – then to come into a BIG series with the division rival Red Sox and get swept in dominating fashion. 

I don’t think the Jays played all that bad this series, Boston just played better.  The came through with homeruns and big hits where the Blue Jays couldn’t.  We face the Red Sox at the end of May and look to rebound from this performance. 

The old ‘we’ll get um next time’ is relevant here.  For now, the Jays are just going to have do what Cecil has to do.  That is, let this one fade away into memory.  Store it one of those unused compartments of the brain.  The attic of the brain. 

BlueFade copy.jpg   


  1. Kaybee

    Series like that are really tough. The Padres had a couple like that just last week. But now we’re on a five-game winning streak, almost six, so I’m sure your Jays will get things going again soon.

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