A Game NOT to Remember

Brett Cecil, Blue Jays promising young starting pitcher, had been very impressive in his first three starts up in the majors getting 2 wins and maintaining an ERA of 1.80.  Cecil faced a ‘big test’ pitching against a tough hitting team on the road.  Cecil valiantly kept the Jays in the game until the 5th inning – then as Dennis Eckersly put it ‘BaBoom.’  Cecil gave up four homeruns in the inning, including a pair of two-run homeruns to David Ortiz (yes David Ortiz hit his first of the year!) and Canadian born Jason Bay

Cecil is a great young pitcher with a lot of talent.  This was a ‘big test’ for him.  He is just going to have to let it go and reflect on his last 3 starts – which were very impressive.  Cecil made a lot of mistake pitches in the 5th inning (notably hanging sliders).  I’m sure that he realizes that.  He needs to take it as a learning experience, like I’m trying to do with my ex-girlfriend.  Me also being a rookie …. at relationshiips. 

All I got to say to Brett Cecil is let this one fade away.  Fade out of your memory.  Maybe get a fade haircut???  I know I only crack myself up!

Cecil copy.jpg


  1. welikeroywelikeroy


    Ya, it is nice to know the Jays are still in first place after this Fenway Park debauckle. Man, the Sox look tough this year.


    I think the game that you are going to falls line with a Robert Ray start, but who knows if he will still be with the club by then?? So far, I’ve made the pilgrimage to 3 games this season. Opening day was eventful, but the Burnett/Halladay was off the wall exciting in the Dome! I hope you have a great time, the Jays will need your help taking those Red Sox.

    I think Cecil was left in the game too as well. The problem for Cito I think was those back-to-back-to-back homeruns happened so quick that the guys in the bullpen were hardly loose. Like I said, it will be a learning experience for him, hitting against a bunch of truly professionals like that Boston lineup.

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