Wakefield. The word is Ugh!!

Not a word, but I’ll go with it.  Some hitters actually have a lot of success of the ‘baseball room dancer.’  (Of the top of my head:  Longoria … Vlad)  Recently, Blue Jay hitters are not among those that can get a solid piece of that tricky knuckler.

The Blue Jays got Wakefieldeded today, losing 2-1 in a hard-fought pitchers battle between Wakefield and Brian Tallet.  Jays hitters could only go up there hacking and hoping that they could get a piece of the ball.  Wakefield had the knuckler dancing today, and you could tell that it got on the nerves of an otherwise ‘red hot’ Blue Jay lineup.  Having a pitcher like Wakefield is a definate advantage for a team.  He just throws hitters off their rythum everytime!  I get bewildered just watching him pitch on TV.  Imagine how the Jays feel?

Anyway, everytime I watch him pitch makes me think of ‘a bunch of crazy Boston Irish River Dancing Leprechans – coming to make fun of you as you are trying to swing.’  It is what inspired this design. 

Wakefield copy.jpg   


  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Stats Magic thanks for stopping by,

    Ya, I just think that it is an entirely different form of mental preparedness you have to with in a Wakefield start. You never though, sometimes facing him can maybe through off a team for the next pitcher that comes in??

    It is odd how the knuckler sometimes won’t work for him? A lot of it I heard has to do with wind, air?? I wonder how the thin air in Colorado effects it? He did have it dancin tonight though.

  2. juliasrants

    Jeremy – what can I say? When Wakefield is good he is pure magic to watch! And last night he was great. But we could only muster 2 runs! Tallet was pretty good himself. I look forward to game 2 – but you know that I am rooting for the same results! 🙂


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