March 9th: Barbie’s Birthday Canada Loses

Here I am very disappointed with the way the World Baseball Classic turned out for Canada this year.  My hopes were extremely high for Canada making at least the next round in the this tournament.  It was a double elimination and we had the home field advantage.  It didn’t help us – two games and Canada was out.  I give credit to Italy going with predominately left-handed starters to attack the predominately left-handed hitting Canadian lineup.  The strategy worked for Italy, a team with not strong pitching by any means.  Italy held Canada to only two runs in the game.  We didn’t even get to see Blue Jay rotation hopeful Scott Richmond pitch in this tournament, as he was being saved for a later game that didn’t happen.  Canada hosting the WBC this year was too much excitement for me, it ended quickly and with disappointing failure.  Oh well, ‘we live to play another day!’ says the Toronto sports fan with nothing to cheer about in the last 15 years.  Not a total loss, I got to see some great baseball being played in my area and I will remember this for years to come.

The bright spot of my day was celebrating Barbie’s 50th birthday with my girlfriend (aka Barbie’s #1 fan).  Here are some pictures and captions from the event:

Thumbnail image for Barb.JPG  

Here is the long awaited Cake picture.  She made it into a Barbie tower cake and clothed Barbie in icing (no one had the nerve to lick it off). 

Lisabarbie.JPGHere is the lovely creator of the cake.  It was a Banana ripple inside, with rosebuds chocalates surrounding the cake.  The icing was also delicious.  She actually stuck a whole Barbie inside of the cake. 


Here I am with the creator of the wonderful Barbie Cake.  I’m wearing my Cooperstown Collection hat backwords because there are a lot of cool old logos on it.  I got the hat at the Hall of Fame, when I visited there two summers ago.  You can also tell that I haven’t seen the sun in about 6 months, darn Canada climate.  


This is hilarious!!  Here is my girlfriend with her favorite Barbie doll, that is similar to way she is with her dogs.  Shell B, her dog, apparently seems to be sniffing the toy dog’s but.  Shell B cracks me up, she is a sweet and funny dog!       


  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Had a little bit of technical issues with the pictures, hopefully they are fixed now. Hooray for Barbie indeed!!!

  2. Erin Kathleen

    What the heck happened to Canada yesterday?! How in the heck did they give up six runs to a team that has so far scored one against Venezuela?! By the way, I love the pics! That cake looks delicious! And your girlfriend is really cute! You are a very lucky man, even if your sports teams don’t give you much to cheer about.

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