Childhood Baseball Cards

Allow me to share with you some of my early childhood baseball cards.  I found these hidden away somewhere.  Many of my fondest memories of baseball, come from baseball cards actually.  I traded them, I purchased them, I played with them and to this day I still hold onto them.  I picked these particular cards because they are all great Blue Jays in my mind.

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You’ll notice many of these cards have the McDonald’s ‘M’ on the corner, this is because they were purchased during a time when McDonald’s had a special promotion for the Jays World Series wins in the early 90’s.  Not that it was the healthiest thing to do, but I urged my parents to take me McDonald’s pretty much everyday when those cards were in distribution.  McDonald’s always gets you as a kid, it is almost unavoidable.  Some of the others are government of Ontario/A&P grocery cards, Topp baseball cards and Donruss I believe.  I think we got the A&P cards for free with a large grocery purchase. What an idea!  I wish more places gave you free ‘Blue Jay’ baseball cards, because I’d pretty much be there.

Here is a brief description of the players I selected (it is all a part of the baseball card sharing process):

Most of you probably know Joe Carter, he hit the greatest homerun ever hit in Blue Jay history winning the ’93 World Series. 

You probably also recognize Fred ‘crimedog’ McGriff, he was an excellent Jay for many years untill he was traded for Carter. 

Jack Morris played with Jays for only two years, but had an awesome year in 1992 going 21-6.  

Kelly Gruber was a top notch third baseman that made one All-Star game for the Jays.  I felt bad that he never got to hit in that game.  The closest he came to action was the on-deck circle.  He was also my little brother’s favorite player. 

A guy you probably wonder:  ‘what is this guy doing on this cologue.’ Well, that is Rob Ducey.  I decided to put him on because he is Canadian, and a Blue Jay.  The guy was probably the only Canadian baseball player that I identified with in those years.  He was a seldom used utility player, but did Canada proud regardless.

Dave Stieb‘s no hitter is idolized in the card above.  Stieb is arguably the ‘greatest Jays pitcher of all-time.’  I’ve never seen a man adjust himself on television so much in my life. He right up there next to Al Bundy in the adjusting ‘Hall of Fame.’      

Tom ‘the terminator’ Henke was my favorite Jay’s closer.  The guy was dominant.  I’ll always remember him pumping his fist after the Jays won a one-game playoff for the AL East pennet over the Orioles.  He also looks amazing similar to my dad.  Two great men I would add.

Cito Gaston brought the Jays two World Series in the early 90’s.  Were are hoping he translates that magic into the present day.

Pat Tabler was with the Jays for one World Series in 1992.  Today he does great color commentary for the Jays in my personal opinion.  The guy flat out loves baseball – it is obvious.  I personally enjoy hearing him on Blue Jay telecasts.

Devon White is the ‘greatest center-fielder the Blue Jays have ever had.’  Vernon Wells has been a fine player for the team, but Devon White was so important to both the Jay’s World Series teams.  His amazing catch in the 1992 World Series showed how the guy just ‘ate up’ numberous doubles and triples in the gap.  Sorry Vernon, but you are going to have do some work for that label!

Well, those are some of my cards.  It was a lot of fun sharing them with you.  I feel like a kid again.

Thank you!   




  1. juliasrants

    Isn’t it great to have something that can transport us to being a kid again – even if it’s only for a few minutes? I see it in my husband and our sons as they talk about Boy Scouts. My husband is once again that teen out in the woods pitching his tent, whittling with his knife and starting the campfire. He gets to enjoy these experiences with our boys – but I think half the fun is reliving his youth. And you know – that’s a good thing we all should do! Thanks for taking us on a trip down your memory lane!


  2. The Iceman

    Love the cards. Stieb is probably still my favorite Jays pitcher of all time. Man was he intense… or miserable…ah just a little of both I’m sure. To be mentioned in the same breath as Al Bundy has got to be an honour though!! Also loved Gruber back in those days. A bit of a pretty boy but was our best third basemen ever. Too bad his career didn’t last a little longer. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Elizabeth D.

    Wow, I have a few baseball cards, but I can’t call myself a collecter! That’s so cool that McDonalds had them had them with the meal– was it perhaps a happy meal? Lol. Thanks for bringing us the background on these players as well. I can’t say I know my Blue Jays history that well, but I learn a lot every time I come here! And nice configuration of the cards.

  4. rockymountainway

    Ah yes McD’s, they had me too on certain promotions like E.T. and I had to have the poster at least one of the posters they had in the series. I still have three full books of baseball and football cards and I love to break them open when I’m at my moms sometimes and I trip out at some of the ones I totally forgot about. I always bugged my parents for more plastic sheets to hold the cards and I must have been really annoying!

  5. philliesredpinstripes

    Ah yes, I remember collecting baseball cards back in the 70s and 80s. Of course, Topps (which was a local Philly company) was the only game in town back then, before Donruss and Fleer appeared in the 80s. I still have the two different sets of World Series that Topps made in the 70s. I am in no way, shape or form letting them out of my site.

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