Mele Kalikimaka Everyone … Merry Christmas

Watching the National Lampoon’s Griswold family Christmas on CBC TV last night, I got to thinking about the joy (thats right, joy) of spending time with family during Christmas.  Then I got thinking about this blog and the family many of us have created here.  A much less genetic, more distant, would be a little akward if I actual met cyber-family. 

Then I thought about the Blue Jays.  Cito, Halladay, Vernon Wells and the bunch.  I realized

Thumbnail image for clark-griswold-tree copy.jpgthat they too are like a family.  The players themselves have a large family of fans that celebrate with them, struggle with them and even endure financial hardship with them. 

I compare Roy Halladay to Clark Griswold.  Clark would always try to ‘overdo’ everything to get his family into the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ (i.e. making a mamoth light display, a mamoth tree, a super-lubricated sled, having the entire family over for a week).  Halladay does the same thing except in baseball.  He takes games into the 9th, completes them until he is sure the Blue Jays have won, he pitches on short rest and his winning attitude gets the team into the ‘playoff spirit’.  No matter how dysfunctional his family/team is (i.e. Frank Thomas, Shea Hillenbrand, Cousin Eddie).  No matter how many financial hardships the family/team has to endure, it doesn’t get Clark Griswold or Roy Halladay down.  They keep the Christmas/Playoff spirit.  And in doing this, it has payed off for the both of them.  Halladay got a fairly big contract extension through 2010, and Clark got a bonus check so he could install a pool at the end of the movie.  The spirit is alive in both these men.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Mele Kalikimaka!          


  1. jimmy27nyy


    Best Wishes for a very “Merry Christmas” !!! … By the way, I just put together my “Link Lists” on my blog; and, I have included your “excellent” blog on one of my lists !!! … I guess, you can consider this listing as a Christmas gift … But, also, it will be a great way for me stay informed on how well “Doc” Halladay is pitching for the Blue Jays !!! … Anyway, have a great Holiday season; and, also, look forward to a great 2009 “Halladay” season for “Doc” … Jimmy [27NYY]

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Funny you should ask that rockyway. I got it from the movie, but I researched the correct spelling online. Mele Kalikimaka was the most credible, but there was also Melikalikimaka. I just decided to choose Mele Kalikimaka because I thought it was more correct.

    Thanks for the Christmas wishes Jimmy and Julia. I’m humbled by the link on your blog Jimmy. I make it no secret that Roy Halladay is my favorite Blue Jay. If only he could pitch every game! Happy Holidays!

  3. Elizabeth D.

    You know, I might just have to put Ruth in there, even though an 86 year curse followed. But he was one of the best players of all time. If he doesn’t make the top 10, he sure will be in honorable mentions. Nice post by the way, National Lampoon is always fun to watch. Happy Holidays (or maybe Happy Halladay for you, okay that was cheesy)

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Merry Christmas everybody,

    redsoxguy, Watching A.J. pitch against us will be tough. I like the way he pitches. Man, wish he would have signed with the Braves.

    Elizabeth, I like Happy Halladay. I myself have used it on many occasions and it does get cornier everytime you say it. However, whenever someone buys me a Blue Jay related gift, it always comes out.

    Jane, Kaybee, you are so right about MLB clubs being similar to a family. Paritally because the baseball season is so long too – well, longer than any other sport. Losing players can be devastating. When A.J. Burnett left, there was a certain ‘edge’ that left the Jays. He was is like the ‘cool older brother’ on the team, that leaves for great things in New York or Hollywood or something like that.

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