MLB 08 “The Show”: Blue Jays List Number #1

Thumbnail image for MLB.jpgNot to brag or anything like that, although I have been doing a lot of that lately.  I don’t know
what it is, maybe I have an inferiority complex?  Anyway, the homerbros username, on MLB 08 ‘The Show’ for PS3, has reached number 1 on the list of Blue Jay fans.  Me and my younger brother keep this name up on top.  To be honest, it is mostly my younger brother though.

If you have the game, you can check this out on the leaderboard rankings list.  We’ve dropped to number 2 now unfortunately, because some loser switched his favourite team just so he could be on top of the Blue Jay list.  I beat this guy before online, so he probably did this just to make me upset.  Hotbrunette69 is his username. I know what you are thinking, and ya, the guy is super cool with that name.  He cheats in online gameplay (e.g. taping down the R2 trigger button which stalls the game … he will do this for 15 minutes to an hour, before restarting on the hope that I either quit or leave the game altogether).  So, all this being what it is, it goes without saying that I deeply despise every part of him.

I normally don’t like to brag, however, this is something that I had to get off my chest.  If you are not familiar to the world of online gameplay, then you will see that it is filled with this kind of vanity anyway.  There is not a whole lot of fairness, sportsmanship, and even basic human kindness going on around these games.  I play to have fun.  You have to be really low to cheat, swear, run up the score and rub it in, like Hotbrunette69, but there are countless other people that do this as well.  No Derek Jeter’s, Albert Pujols’ or Roy Halladay’s in the world of onliine baseball gameplay.  It is a world filled with Ty Cobb’s, John Rocker’s, Billy Martin’s and just about everyone included in the Mitchell Report times one thousand.

Anyway, homerbros are the official Blue Jay fan number 1 leader on MLB 08 “The Show.” Thats right, I don’t care what it actually says!  Just getting that off my chest.  I’m expressing the cathartic positives of blogging right now.  Here are some pictures from the game, for those that don’t play.      



  1. Elizabeth D.

    Haha, I’m trying to make as many history references as I can in my blog, seeing that my midterm in APUSH is on Wednesday… I’m so nervous. Congrats on being number one on this game, I’ve been meaning to get it and play it 🙂

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